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I hope you guys are doing well... In my case I've been great.. I'm really enjoying my summer.. I have couple of things to share with you today..

Last Friday I was invited to talk at EurekaFest at MIT.. It was a great opportunity to talk to High School students from different places of US who want to be entrepreneurs and share with them my experiences as an entrepreneur. The same day we got to meet a lot of important people from MIT and we visited the MIT Media Lab. That place is awesome and all the projects that they are working on are very interesting.. They even are making "Smart Clothing" isn't that cool? Later at night we were invited to a VIP reception where different people associated with MIT was going to be there.. I had the chance to mingle with MIT students, entrepreneurs and program directors.. I was very happy I attended this activity because now I'm more open minded to the opportunities that are available to me today.. It was a great opportunity to network and add more people to my professional network.

This weekend I enjoyed the beautiful weather, I attended my friend's graduation party and I spend time with my family on Father's day.. I also went to vote for the first time to elect the next Colombian President.

 Finally, last night after work I went to have some drinks with couple of friends.. We all met up in Salem, MA to chill.. It was a nice "four couple" date.. It was nice to get all couples together again since like November last year.. We stayed at the restaurant for like two hours and then we went home..  I had a good time!!!

OK, this was all.. I hope you guys have a nice rest of the week!


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