Celtics, World Cup and more...

Hi guys,

Here I am again with my weekly post. Weeks are flying by .. especially when I have fun.. I don't have much to tell say today.. I haven't done much.. I just worked over the week and had some fun over the weekend. I've been watching the Celtics play and also watched the Opening Concert of the World Cup and some of the soccer games. Last week I found out that Shakira (the Colombian singer) was singing the World Cup official song which is called "Waka Waka". I really liked the beat of the song and the video. I also liked the fact that she has to versions of the song one in Spanish and other in English..
The song's been stuck in my head since Thursday and I'm not the only one.. My sisters and even my dad have been singing the song in my house... This is the link where you guys can see her performance during the concert. just in case you missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRDgVGHB6eM

Unfortunately, the Colombian Soccer team didn't make it to South Africa 2010.. But I feel like if we did, since we had two Colombian performers during the Concert: Shakira and Juanes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmsO-480_VY) I enjoyed watching them perform!

Also, I watched the Celtics game which were pretty good.. We have one more game to go to win the series. Right now we are 3-2. We need to go to LA and win the next game. Otherwise we have to go to game 7..

I have to admit I relaxed a lot over the weekend.. I watched a lot of TV and went to the gym.. I also went to a Colombian Event organized by the Colombian Committee of the Merrimack Valley. We gave out a $1000 scholarship to a incoming freshman in College. I had the pleasure to be in the selection committee and choose the winner.

That's all I've done for the past week. This week I will be working and wait what plans come out for the weekend. Have a nice rest of the week.   

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