The "Last" week

Hi guys,
Finally this semester ended.. we still have finals but at least it's not going to be that stressing for most of you.. For me it's going to be a little busy... I have two finals, a project due for Solid States Electronics and my capstone project... I can tell you that I'm almost done with it... the extended deadline is Monday and I'm pretty sure I can finish by then. However, I still need to do some paperwork related to the project (I wasn't counting with this). That's going to take me like two more days. I've spent more hours in the lab than anywhere else for the past four weeks... I'm exhausted at this point.. the only thing that keeps me with energy is to know that in one more week everything is going to be over... After that I will be enjoying some free time with my best friend from Colombia

I guess you guys already know what I'm going to be doing this weekend.... yes.. you're right! I'll be finishing capstone... with the exception that I will be going tomorrow to UMass Amherst for my sister's graduation... I'm so proud of her.. ;)... Then I will be back in the lab!!!!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and good luck on finals....

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