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I'm done!


Hi guys,

So I have good news for you all... I'm finally done with school.. Last week was tough.. I have a lot of things to do.. exams, presentations and papers due... I was so busy that I forgot to write my blog entry... Last week really was crazy.. I haven't stopped working on something related to school in like two months... yesterday I finally finished.. I delivered my capstone project and I handed in my final report... that's definitely a relief,... It was really nice to see the happy face of my client when she saw the project.. she really loved it... at that moment I felt that all the effort and time spent was really worth it..

Now that I'm free I'm going to take advantage of this beautiful weather.. maybe go to the beach today.. I will be going to New York for two days and then come back for graduation.. I'm really excited....

ok guys, this is all for today.. I'll be back soon and let you know how graduation goes.. for now I'm just going to start celebrating with my friends and family ;)

Enjoy the weather...  

The "Last" week

Hi guys,
Finally this semester ended.. we still have finals but at least it's not going to be that stressing for most of you.. For me it's going to be a little busy... I have two finals, a project due for Solid States Electronics and my capstone project... I can tell you that I'm almost done with it... the extended deadline is Monday and I'm pretty sure I can finish by then. However, I still need to do some paperwork related to the project (I wasn't counting with this). That's going to take me like two more days. I've spent more hours in the lab than anywhere else for the past four weeks... I'm exhausted at this point.. the only thing that keeps me with energy is to know that in one more week everything is going to be over... After that I will be enjoying some free time with my best friend from Colombia

I guess you guys already know what I'm going to be doing this weekend.... yes.. you're right! I'll be finishing capstone... with the exception that I will be going tomorrow to UMass Amherst for my sister's graduation... I'm so proud of her.. ;)... Then I will be back in the lab!!!!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and good luck on finals....

Almost done!


Hi guys,

Here I am again.. but this time a little late... I've been very busy that I totally forgot to write my blog this past weekend... Therefore, you guys will hear from me twice this week... I've been working hard on my capstone.. which is almost done but there a lot of little things that take more time than what I was expecting... I'm excited to see my project done and working...

This is the last week of school.. I'm sure most of you are happy for that.... I haven't been able to celebrate yet because I want to get all my projects out of the way.. then I will have a huge celebration... I'm looking forward to it...

This past weekend was Mother's day.. I hope you guys were good to your moms... lol... I had a great time with her, my sister and a friend of hers who's visiting from Colombia... we had dinner and then we went to Richardson's to have ice cream.... I love that place.. It's really good....

I want the next two weeks to fly by so I can have some time to relax and have fun with my best friend who is coming from Colombia as well.... Both of us are very happy because we haven't seen each other in couple of years....

I wish everyone the best luck during finals.... enjoy the last week of school.. ;)

Last weeks of class


Hey guys,

After four years this is the week where I'm going to do the most work I have ever done. Capstone is almost due and I'm still a little behind. For the past three days I've been working on it. It's been a lot of hours in front of the computer and  lot of effort; however, it was very worth it. I just finished an MP3 player for my project. It plays four types of music with 10 tracks each... I'm so happy I got this done..  My project is going to look much better now.

For the rest of the weekend I'm planning on keep working on Capstone. I'm giving up fun for the next weeks to finish this project and finally graduate. I look back and see four years of a lot of effort and fun.. These four years really flew by...

I don't have much to tell you today since I haven't done more than work on Capstone. Hopefully next week I have more fun things to share.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ;)


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