One more week closer to the end...


Hey guys,

Time is really flying by.. I'm here again to give you some more updates... As usual, my week was very busy.. full of meetings, papers and presentations. However, since time is flying by we are getting closer and closer to the end of this year. This is the first time since I moved to school that I haven't been home for two weeks straight. Coming home is awesome.. be with my mom and my sister makes me relax.. and at least I have some time to chill and forget about school...

This is a long weekend, I'm not going to do much but study and work on my capstone and  lab project. I will be going downtown Boston on Monday to celebrate my friend Simon's birthday. He's finally turning 21. It's going to be a fun night full of food, drinks and karaoke. I can't wait...

On the other hand, I'm working very hard in school so I don't get caught up with too much work towards the end... I'm gonna take advantage of these three days and do as much as a can.

I will be going back school tonight because I need to focus.. being home is soooo comfortable and I can't get much done... This morning I woke up and since I haven't watched TV in a while, I turned the TV on and got hooked up to different shows.. To make the long story short.. I ended up taking a shower at 3pm.. before that I didn't do much but sitting and watching tv...

This week coming up is going to be a little stressing.. Next weekend I have to give a 5 minute presentation to pitch a business plan.. It's going to be the second part of the NCIIA workshop I attended last week... I'm a little nervous.. The presentation is going to be very challenging.. It's a 5-minute presentation with 20 slides which each slide needs to change automatically every 15 seconds... Isn't that crazy???? I'm pretty sure I will do fine, but I'm still anxious and nervous...

It was a very smart choice to take Oral Communications as a GenEd course because one way or the other I've been practicing for the past couple of months.. I think this 5-minute presentation is the moment of true.. I'm gonna prove how much I've learned in class and how much has been worth to take it..

Wish me good luck.. I will returning next weekend and tell you what happens during the presentation..

Thank you all for reading my blogs!!!   ;) 

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