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Hey guys,

I just came back from a long weekend!! It was fun and a great learning experience. As I said on my last post, this weekend was going to be the second part of a conference I attended two weeks ago. The second part of the workshop was long and very challenging. It started on Friday afternoon with the 5-minute presentation where we had to describe the problem and the solution of our venture, as well as to describe some key points we accomplished over the two weeks after the first part of the workshop. I did pretty well during my presentation; I received good feedback from the audience... I felt very comfortable standing in front of about 50 people while delivering my speech.. So I think that my Oral Communications class has paid off... The conference started on Friday at 3pm and finished today at 4pm.. It was loooooong but I learned a lot and I got the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and learn about their ventures... events like this surprises me because there are so many people out there with great ideas.. I wish the best to every venture and I hope I see their products soon.

During the conference I learned how to market our venture and what segments of that market we can target first... I thought that deciding the market was going to be easy, but it was one of the most complicated things we had to do. It was very hard which market was best to target first.. At the end I think we figured it out... Now we just need to move forward and keep working very hard.

The next weeks are going to be even crazier than what they have been so far... I have sooo much work to do.. I guess it's time to reduce my hours of sleep down to 6 so I can go back on track.... I can't wait to finish... I have worked so hard over the past three months.. I think I deserve some time for myself... I will have it soon ;)

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and I hope you learned something new.... I will be back for more updates next week ... Thank you for reading my blogs ;)


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