A weekend full of learning


Hey guys,

Here I am again with my weekly updates... I just came back from a 3-day workshop in Boston. The workshop was about bringing a business idea and take it to the next level. In my case, it was an opportunity to learn and target markets where my idea can be used. It was a excellent entrepreneurial opportunity because I got to meet great people and learn about their experiences..

The workshop was very intense, it started on Friday afternoon and it ended today at 3pm. There will be a second part for the conference in two weeks where we will have the chance to talk to people who are willing to invest in the ideas exposed by different entrepreneurs.

This workshop took most of my time, the only fun thing I did was on Friday night,. It was my sister's birthday and I drove down to Boston to meet her.. We went to Venu, a club in downtown Boston... We had a good time, especially because they played couple of old Spanish songs we used to sing when we were little.... It really brought me back to my teenage years back in Colombia...

Right now I have no much energy but I need to recharge my batteries because the week ahead of me it's going to be a busy one... Couple more weeks down the road and I will be crossing that stage.. Also to finish my update I want to share some good news. This week I received an email saying that I will be located in Melbourne, FL for my internship with General Electric... I'm so excited for the summer..I'm going to have a lot of fun.. I can't wait                

My update has come to an end.. Have fun this week and expect to hear from me next weekend! ;)

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