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Hello guys!

As I write this, I'm trying to spend some time with my roommates since I haven't been able to hang out with them in a while. This was a short week but I was a busy one. I have set up my schedule in such a way that I can go to the gym at least four times a week, go to classes, work, go to social events and do school homework.  On Wednesday I went to the "Order of Engineer" and got my Engineer's Ring which represents my responsibilitites as an engineer to the public and to my profession.

It's been a pretty busy week but I feel great for the fact that I have managed my time very wisely. I am very proud of all the small efforts I do everyday. Actually, couple of weeks ago I was on my computer and I decided to search some motivational quotes and I came across to one that really has motivated me since then.  And here it go: "Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out" This quote has motivated me a lot and I think that's how I was able to do so many things this week.

I hope I keep working the way I've done it so far, school is getting hard and we are getting closer to exams. I already had couple of quizzes and in about a week I will have my first exam

This weekend I'm planning to get as much work as I can, try to go visit my family and relax for a while, a movie would be perfect.

These are my updates for this week, I hope you guys enjoy the weekend! ;)



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