Fun weekend!



I decided that since I've studied very hard for the past two weeks, I deserved some time for myself. After a long day on Friday some friends and I went to the Riverhawks's hockey game. What a game! It was very exciting. Unfortunately we lost 2-3 against Boston University but we had couple of chances to tie the game which made it very entertaining. There was a lot of people at the game, specially UML students. Looks like the school spirit has increased at school. Activities like this one makes members of the UML community come together and share a common goal. 

Yesterday afternoon I was running some errands and doing some homework. At night my boyfriend and I met up with couple of friends and went to a club in Boston. It was very cold last night but I had a blast with everyone. Since I've been having a little too much fun this weekend, I woke up this morning and started to do some school work. It has been only two weeks since we started college but I already have a lot to do. I can't afford to party all the time during my last semester as an undergrad but I really needed to relax :)

So far I have been very persistant with the idea of going to the gym. Every morning I wake up early and go before my classes. Looks like I'm going to keep this up and that makes me very happy!!!

Ok, this is all I have for this week. I'm going to keep watching the Super Bowl, I can't wait for the funny comercials! Who do you think is going to win? 

Have a fun week! 

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