One week less


Hello guys, 

One week down.. couple more to go..  My first week of classes was very productive. I'm taking six different classes. I managed my time so well that I was able to go to class, go to the gym four days of the week and work at my research lab for ten hours.

All my classes are very interesting. I'm taking three engineering classes, my last business class to complete my minor in business administration and two general courses. My two general education courses are a total different environment. Sometimes is good to go outside of the engineering world; especially because the girl/boy ratio is higher. I'm taking international relations and oral communication. I really like these two classes. On Monday I will have my first assignment; I need to prepare a speech about myself. The speech needs to be 3-4 minutes long. I'm kind of excited and anxious at the same time. I have never been great at public speaking but I know this class will help me to get better at it. 

Overall, this week was a good one! I'm looking forward to the next X-weeks ahead of me. I'm looking forward to the day when I cross the stage and receive my diploma. I'm going to relax and spend some quality time with my family this weekend. Tomorrow saturday I will be participating at the AFTER DARK event at the rec center. I hope you guys have a great weekend as well and please don't hesitate to leave me any comments.



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