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So today is Thursday. I have no classes, but I have work at the Centers for Learning. I'm going to make it the most productive day EVER. I have a ton of homework due on Friday and Monday, but I'm getting it done today.

The reason for completing everything early is a good one. I'm going to be having a ton of fun this weekend. First thing happens tomorrow. (Friday) I'm going to Salem to take a walking night tour. (It makes stops at historical places. I really want to see Nathaniel Hawthorne's house. I've read a few of his works.) The only downside to this tour is that it takes place at 8 PM, which I normally wouldn't mind, but tomorrow's high is only going to be 48 degrees. yuck.

Saturday, I'm driving solo to St. Michaels in Vermont. It's about a 4 hour drive, but my dad just installed an Ipod player/charger in his car. (Along with an auto-starter. WOO!) I'd rather take my car though... (RIP) At St. Michaels, there is going to be a Halloween party. As of right now, I'm thinking of dressing up as a college student. I'm leaving my creativity for Monday, which is REALLY Halloween.

As you can probably tell, I'm super excited. Monday, I'm going to Salem again FOR Halloween.  (Same situation as last year.)

I'll be sure to take pictures and write about how everything went.

Have a good one!

Baystate 5k Race

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This weekend, the Baystate Marathon, half marathon, and 5k race took place here in Lowell. The 5k road race was in honor of Diane Geehan, and my late coach, Phil Riley.

It took place on Saturday, and it was absolutely beautiful. After 5 months of laziness, I figured the weather was the best possible weather for my out-of-shape body. Not too hot, and not too cold. It was sunny, around 60 degrees, with a nice breeze.

5 months ago, I ran the same course, but a different race. The course starts next to Lowell High School, goes behind the east campus residence halls, across the bridge to north campus, down the VFW highway, back across a bridge, and it ends on a tree-shaded path that follows the Merrimack river.

In the summer, this course was tough. The heat was making me sweat quickly, and I fatigued faster than usual.

But Saturday, things were the opposite. The sun was out, but the heat wasn't a factor. The run was extremely nice, and the breeze was at my back.

It was such a special race, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Been a while

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It has been a while, but I didn't realize how long! September 14th was my last blog entry, but this month has flown by, so it doesn't seem so long ago.

I've been super busy with everything. Ever since I wrote the entry about my lack of sleep, I've been attempting to get my work done even earlier while also trying to get to bed at a decent time. So far, it's been tough.

Just last night, I spent 6-7 hours on calc homework, and was up until 12:30. (7 hours of calc homework? That's unheard of! I didn't even finish either....)

There was a bit of fun earlier in the day though...

A photographer came to my apartment with an RA and took pictures. She told us that "UMass likes people in their pictures.", so my RA and I started acting "natural".

It was actually the funniest thing ever. He sat in opposite chairs with guitars, and serenaded each other with guitars while trying to keep a straight face for the camera. (I'm pretty sure I gave in and started laughing a few times.)

We then ended up doing other "natural" things around the apartment which ended in a bunch of laughs.

It was a good time.

The photos were taken for a future UML brochure. Lets see if any of the funny guitar ones are on there.

- Matt

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