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About a month ago, I was getting my midterm grades from all of my professors so I could send them to Amherst. The very last grade I needed was for my First Year Management Seminar class. Professor Finch signed it with my grade, and then told me about something that made me re-think my decision about transferring.

She told me about Business LLC Apartments which are currently being renovated. These apartments are mainly for Juniors and Seniors, but a few sophomores are accepted. As I thought about my experiences at UMass Lowell, I realized most of my bad experiences have been in the dorms. I applied for the housing, because if I was accepted, I would be living with mature business majors.

A few weeks later, I called the Office Of Residence Life and spoke with Matthew Austin. (He's a very helpful guy. If you have any questions with housing, I suggest speaking with him. Very nice, and very helpful.) He told me that I was accepted into the business housing, and that my current roommate would be my roommate in the apartments.

Here are a few reasons why I'm excited:

  1.  Well... They're APARTMENTS. They have kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.
  2. They're very close to east campus.
  3.  They have a private parking lot
  4. You can ALSO park on East campus if you need to
  5. NEWLY renovated
  6. Close to downtown Lowell

In addition to living in these apartments next year, Professor Finch also got me involved in a new project with the College of Management. (I can't thank her enough for her help!)

I'll keep that as a surprise for now.

-  Matt
My favorite band of all time just released their first album in three or four years. For those who have never heard of the Foo Fighters, they're a rock band that was formed as a result of Nirvana's tragedy.

This band has been HUGE lately. (again) They were on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, The Daily Show on Monday night, and they performed a live webcast from David Letterman's studio on Tuesday night.

Their new album is called "Wasting Light" and it just came out on Tuesday. I bought it on Itunes, and I believe it's one of the best albums so far of 2011. Every single song is catchy. Check it out.

Schoolwise, everything is okay. I just finished getting my midterm grades from all of my professors. I'm trying to transfer to Amherst, and that is one of the things on a list that I need to send over asap. Overall, my grades are good. B's with a few A's.

Hopefully I'm accepted. I'm looking to transfer this coming fall. (Only if I get housing.) If I can't get housing, I'll start commuting to Lowell. Housing here isn't really... fun.

Adios for now.



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An hour ago, I read a headline on my Firefox browser about Charlie Sheen's first show on his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour. Before telling you what I read, let me ask something.  How would you expect to be treated on stage after disrespecting your co-workers, bosses, and agents?

If you answered "I would get booed" then you're correct. Charlie Sheen's first show was a total Win. According to the article, people began to boo and leave the show halfway through his act. Instead of being the rude, funny man we've all seen in his videos and interviews, he was actually... normal? Apparently he forgot that his show was to be entertaining. (Makes you wonder how successful he would have been if he accepted Howard Stern's offer of starting a radio show. Those are meant for talking.)

In my opinion, Charlie Sheen is only funny when the writers of Two and a half men are writing his jokes. I guarantee his career is over quickly. (Yeah, he's back with Two and a half men, but how long will that last?)

What's the lesson here? Not even the wealthiest of people are "the best". If you have a bad attitude, no one will respect you. Be good to people, and you wont get booed off a tour where tickets are up to $100.00 a seat.

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