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Lucky me. I was able to move in last Thursday, three days before everybody else! This was a huge advantage, mainly because I avoided most of the traffic on Pawtucket street. (Trust me on this one: there was ALOT of traffic on Pawtucket street...)

 So Thursday night, I checked out of my old room, and moved my stuff to my new room. I didn't bother to organize anything, mainly because I knew I'd need something to do to keep myself busy when I decided to stay over Saturday night into Sunday. So Saturday night, I drove up with my friend and girlfriend, and brought more stuff. I threw everything into my room again, and I was literally organizing everything for a good 3 hours.

And then I sat down at my chair and opened up a book called Napalm and Silly Putty. It's a book written by George Carlin. If you don't know who he is, he is an incredible comedian. He passed away back in 2008, and I've missed his humor ever since. I decided to buy all of his books on just for the hell of it. This is the only book that has ever made me laugh out loud. ( "lol" for those of you who are computer people) I strongly suggest reading his books.

So as for my classes, they're pretty awesome so far. I've never been as happy to start classes as I am right now. I'll write more about them in the coming weeks. You can be sure of that.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time back. Have fun, learn a lot, and please be careful when crossing the streets on campus. There are too many crazy drivers around here.

"Standing ovations have become far too commonplace. What we need are ovations where the audience members all punch and kick one another." - George Carlin

Actually, I was never on hiatus. After Sunday's loss to the Jets, I've been too upset to write anything. (Kidding. My password for my blogging account was no longer valid. I fixed things though!)

So.... WHAT WAS THAT? Did Brady and the almighty Bill Belichick finally lose steam? Actually, forget it. I don't even want to speak about that game. It never happened. GO BEARS!

Less than a week before classes start. I'm really excited. Tomorrow I'm switching rooms, and moving in with one of my friends. They say living with a good friend is a bad decision. It probably is. But hey, my last roommate was really cool. The only reason I'm switching rooms now is because his schedule was different than mine. I was forced to wake early, and I would wake him up at 6:30 every day. That being said, he was also a late night person lol. So the room change will be easier for everyone.

As I was thinking about what I needed to move from my old room, I realized I only have two things in my room. A refrigerator, and ALOT of food. I seriously need to get rid of all of this Ramen. I'm a college student though. I'll find some way to use it all or get rid of it.

I'm exhausted, and I'm going to finish this up. I'll be writing again in the next few days.

I know I know. I didn't finish my last blog... Well, I've only been in Massachusetts for about an hour and a half! So I figured I'd write a new blog for the week. (I'll finish the old one when I upload my pictures to my laptop)

So seeing as how I've already dedicated an entry to my trip, I will talk about something that will benefit the students.

Academic Warning is when your GPA does not reach the university's standards. Let me start by saying I am not on academic warning.

 I'm currently at the Centers for Learning, and we are now taking appointments for those who are on Academic Warning. If you are on A.W, you will need to make an appointment because you will have a hold on your ISIS account. Right now, we have about 6 people working with students who are on A.W.

If you are on the list, please call the Centers for Learning and make an appointment.  The number to the main office is 978-934-2936.  (DO NOT EMAIL TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. We will only make appointments for those who call.)

I know this is a short entry, but there's only so much you can say about academic warning. Hope everyone is enjoying their break!

- Matt

The Trip

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Fog was in the Chicago air Thursday morning, and it was the only thing stopping me from leaving Stoneham and seeing my family. It canceled my flight.

What is a freshman in college going to do? Use the "I have no money and I wanted to see my family for new years" excuse!

So I called Southwest Airlines and spoke with one of the representatives. Although very kind, it felt as if I was speaking with a pile of bricks. I got absolutely NOWHERE. They rescheduled my flight, but refused to let me switch my return flight. So I was asked by my mother what the whole situation was. I told her, and she decided to call. OF COURSE, they changed my flight when she called. It must be her "motherly powers".

So Friday at 5 PM, my plane departed. New Years eve, and I'm stuck on an airplane. This is what came out of it...

So we made it to chicago around 7:30 PM and made it back to town around 9:30 and the New Years party began....

Sadly, I never took any pictures of the party.BUT. I have pictures of my grandparent's chickens. Look at the awesomeness.

I'll update this more as my trip continues.

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