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So I accidentally deleted this entries both times I attempted to write it. Fail?

Finals are over, and I am back to being a normal person. No more sleepless nights, or endless essays. Best of all. No more stress.

 Right now, if I wanted to, I could go home and play 24 hours of xbox straight, and not have a single care in the world. Will i do that? No, because I have a life! Instead I'll watch 24 hours straight of Rocko's Modern Life like a normal person. :)

So for the past two days I've been working at the Centers For Learning main office, and I will continue to for the next few weeks of the winter break. For the past two days, I've ordered the best lunch I've had in Lowell.(So far)

The Eggroll Cafe is absolutely DELICIOUS. I had it during the first week of school with my girlfriend. We ordered some sort of grilled chicken salad and we were blown away. Sadly, I never re-ordered until this week.  Yesterday, I got the Okinawa BBQ pork lunch box. The rest of the office ordered different types of Eggrolls. We were all amazed.  It was much tastier than anything you could get at Suppas. (Not to mention Suppas is probably the greasiest place known to man.)

Today, I decided to order again. When I mentioned Eggroll cafe , everyone else decided to order again! I got the stir-fried chicken salad with an order of Crab-rangoon eggrolls. These are not ordinary eggrolls. Unlike many restaurants where you may order crab-rangoons, the Eggroll cafe actually adds crab into them. So yea. We all ordered, and we all enjoyed the second consecutive  lunch of "awesomeness".

If you're ever on North campus, I suggest trying it. I'm not the type of person to rate restaurants or businesses, but I'd rate it an "F" for Freakinawesome. Actually... F is meant to be a bad grade... Sometimes I don't really think about the things I type. In that case, this place definitely gets an A.

Okay so next week I'll be writing my blog from Illinois. I'm taking a trip with my girl to visit my family for new years. I'm going to be taking TONS of pictures. Seeing as how this is the only blog I'm updating at the moment, you will all be blessed with the opportunity to see these pictures! (Well.. If you're a regular follower to this blog, you're pretty much forced :D)

Speaking of Illinois, when I was on facebook, two of my favorite bands known as "Sublime with Rome" and the "Dirty Heads" announced a show IN CHICAGO on new years eve to new years. They are to play until 2 am. Well I tried to get tickets, and it turned out to be a 21+ show. I then posted on the lead singer's facebook wall as a last resort. He rejected my cry for help with a simple "Nothin I can do homes", and I'm pretty destroyed that I can't see them on one of the biggest days of the year. Oh well. Family is my reason for the visit!

I'm finally allowed to go home! I'll be back to record my awesome adventure.

Have a great week everyone, and enjoy the holidays.

Everyone has to go through it in college. We've all heard stories of students losing countless hours of sleep, just because they waited until the last minute to study for finals.

 I'm in a different position. Instead of leaving my grade up to a few tests, I have my grade on my computer. Literally. 3 out of 4 classes require essays as their finals. After adding up all of the required pages, I have 21-25 pages to write before next Monday. This benefits me, mainly because I have all of the time in the world to write and edit my papers. I'm not waiting until the last minute either. I'm starting today, as soon as my final class ends at 12:15. I'll go to the library until 2:50 and then head to work at the tutoring center.

Yep. I have this entire thing planned out. Planning your schedule is definitely the best thing you can do in college. It's all about time management, and actually going through with your plans.

I just realized that this entry was never published. As of right now, my finals are pretty much over, but I'll create a new entry describing my experience. :)

- Matt

New week, new start

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This past week has been somewhat of a blur to me. As finals come closer, stress levels rise, and time seems to go by quickly. I'd be the first to admit that I'm loaded with work, but nowhere as loaded as some people I know. As far as I know, I only have two actual finals next week. (Politics, and Psychology.) For my other classes, I have a few essays to write.

So I'm going to talk about some trouble I got into a month ago. I feel like you could all benefit from my mistake. A month ago, I had a few friends in my room and we were all hanging out. We were being really loud, and the R.A decided to knock on our door. We opened it, and the R.A spotted a full bottle of alcohol on my roommate's desk. Although no one was drinking, we were all written up, and had to meet with the R.D of the building.

  A month later, I finally met with the R.D. We spoke of my situation , and I asked many questions. One of the questions I asked is something that you all should know. I asked "If i was in the room doing homework, or laying down watching t.v,and and R.A knocked on the door and found the alcohol, would I still get in trouble, even if i was completely innocent?" The answer is YES. As a student living on campus, it is your responsibility to tell your roommate to get rid of the alcohol. If he doesn't listen, it is your responsibility to tell an R.A.

Now, I do not completely agree with the rules. I would never tell on my roommate and get him in trouble. To be honest, I'd rather keep to my own business, and if i get caught, at least I'd feel like a good friend/roommate.

If you're a current student, or if you're coming to Umass next spring/fall, you will sign a paper saying that you understand and will follow all the rules. Please follow them, and do not risk getting into trouble.

In my case, I did not get suspended, because I proved that I was not under the influence, and that the bottle was not in my possession. Instead, I was charged for being in the presence of alcohol.

My punishment is that I need to pay a $25.00 fine,I need to take an online alcohol awareness course, and I'm on probation.

I was an innocent person, but Umass is very strict with the rules. Please be aware of your surroundings, and be responsible.

Good luck with finals everyone! I'll be writing again this week, because I'm an entry behind!

- Matt

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