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Why am I so excited? Well to be honest, this was an awesome week. I was extremely busy, but hard work tends to pay off. A project, and a midterm. (Both this week.)

Well... On the project, I earned a B+ (Along with my group), and on my Psychology Midterm, I earned an 89%. (Also a B+) 1 question away from an A-. Oh well. I'm over it.

So as I was working at the Centers For Learning, on a desk I noticed the UML Connector. (The school newspaper.) On the front cover was a story on Louis CK. One of the quotes is hilarious.

"The best thing I can say about Lowell is that nobody ever shat in my mouth for several hours."

Another interesting article in the paper was about the "Laramie Project". It's a play that is based on the death of Matthew Shepard. It is a very popular idea among high schools and colleges around the United States. The idea is to raise awareness for homosexual men and women and how they deserve to be treated like every other person.

On Sunday, Westboro Baptist Church was supposed to be present to protest the play. For those of you who don't know, Westboro Baptist Church is a group who tends to show up to certain events (Uninvited) to protest. They are present all around the United States, even though they originated in Kansas.

So this infamous church was supposed to protest the "Laramie Project" here at Umass Lowell... AND THEY DIDN'T SHOW UP. Win for the home team!

Well it's almost Halloween. Everyone stay safe, and don't eat too much candy. trust me :)

Louis CK

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So this is a pretty late post. It's currently Sunday night as I'm typing this. I have a good excuse. I PROMISE!

My excuse? MIDTERMS. I have a huge Psychology midterm on Tuesday. I've spent the past few days attempting to read the 250-300 pages of material that will most definitely be on the test. It's very interesting stuff actually.

I've had a very interesting week.

For the past month, I've been seeing more and more signs about Louis CK coming to UML. Never did I bother to stop and read them until recently. "Dude look up some of his videos. This guy is hilarious." So I did, and my friend was right. Never have I laughed so hard at a stand up comedian since the George Carlin days. (Who COULDN'T laugh at George Carlin? That man was a genius.)

But yeah. Louis CK is a stand up comedian who has had a great amount of success. He has recently had a show on HBO and currently has a show on FX called "Louis". 

This Friday, I also managed to get to a hockey game. UML was playing Providence. To be honest, I didn't think Umass would come out on top. They were losing and I decided to leave after the 2nd because I had other plans. BIG MISTAKE. I drove by the Tsongas center with a bunch of friends (about an hour later) and people were JUST leaving...  "Must have gone into O.T." someone said in the car. I then noticed a bunch of people giving each other high fives. From that moment on, I realized the type of game I missed. I regret not staying.

So many things to do. So much work to do. I'm growing stressed as the days go on, but my hard work is always met with something fun.
As I've said before, college is a very different experience for people. Aside from the new setting and new classes, I've had a new experience. It was inside of a book.

One of the classes I take is called Values and Creative Thinking. In this class, my professor wanted us to read a book called "Tuesdays with Morrie." I have to admit... Reading a book for me is like watching an NFL player play with barbies. It's possible, but it's rare.

But I gave it a shot. Chapter after chapter, my emotions changed, some for the better, and some for the worst. Morrie is dying from ALS, and before he passes, he makes it his mission to teach an old student about life.

Why am I telling you all about this? It has nothing to do with Umass Lowell!

-  Well, this book can help all of you. It will give you a new thought on life, how you're living it, and what you will need to do to become a happier person.  Here is part. 1 of an interview done with Morrie.

While I'm on the topic of living life to the fullest, I have another video that  can change your life. This was a  graduation speech from back in 1999.

I feel that students here at Umass Lowell can benefit greatly from these videos.

Stepping away from the "deep" stuff now.

Last week, I wrote about the fire in Leitch hall. According to the Lowell Sun, the fire was started by a lamp. (the temperature of the bulb can reach up to 1,200 degrees!) Everyone was evacuated safely, and there were no injuries. Everyone was allowed to return to their room, except for the two students whose room was on fire.

Well... That's all I have for now. Next week will be a bit more interesting. I PROMISE!
 Days since last Zombie Attack on Umass Lowell property: 365 1Days

So it was an ordinary autumn day as I was leaving my psychology class. What I noticed made me look twice. A classmate was wearing a band around his arm. When I asked him about it, he said that the school was being attacked by zombies. Shivers were sent down my spine as my face went serious. "Zombies?!" I asked. He nodded his head. "On South campus, there will be a zombie attack, and all of the humans will be destroyed." Fear overtook my face and tears started building up...

No I'm just kidding. My classmate Stewart explained the game to me, and it's pretty much a large game of "last man standing" tag. It lasts for a few days, and the last human standing is the winner.

All around campus, I've been seeing people with the orange "Human" bands, and I have yet to see a zombie attack anyone. BUT... I have my video camera with me, and I'm ready for any sort of zombie encounter.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could get all of the zombies and have a giant Thriller dance in the middle of south campus?

So in other UML news, Leitch hall was in flames last night. Literally. I was sitting in my dorm with my pal April, and we were video chatting with some guys from Umass Amherst. Then the alarms went off. "Oh come on. Not another fire drill." I made it up to the  ground floor, and the R.A's were SCREAMING at us. "GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET. WALK ACROSS THE STREET!" They repeated this MANY times, and as I walked out of the hall, I turned my back, only to see a dark building with a fire-lit room on the third floor. The orange flames were easily  visible from the outside. Four to five firetrucks arrived, and we were outside for at least 45 minutes in the cold, sprinkling rain. It wasn't fun.

Umass can get pretty crazy. Hopefully you all realize that now.

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