Camping Trip

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During the 90-100 degree weekend, I traveled into the depths of New Hampshire to go camping. With a large van with with bags and people and a trailer being pulled, this seemed like it would be a picture perfect trip.

It would have been, but my GPS had other thoughts. Instead of taking us to the State Park entrance, it took us into a few trails that were barely large enough to drive through.  So we drove 2-3 miles in, and came to a large hill.

We thought about driving up the large monster, but decided against it. (The van wasn't powerful enough to pull a trailer up a hill.)

So here's what happened. We turned the van and trailer around. Imagine doing a 3 point turn on a street with an 18 wheeler truck. That's basically what we had to do. It was tough, but we did it.

So we continued driving, along the paths, and ended up in someones front yard. At first I thought it was a farm, because the van was instantly surrounded by 4 dogs. Once again, we turned around, but were still being followed by dogs. (Until the owners whistled for them.) We continued to drive around for a while.

After an hour of being lost, we finally made it to the campsite. Pawtucketaway State Park is absolutely beautiful. It is a large area of land with a few lakes and of course, many trees.

We stood through the heat, and had a blast.

On an ending note, move in is a little over a month away. I'm pretty excited.

- Matt

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Speaking of Nevada... I once camped at Mt Charleston, near Las Vegas. No, I didn't have a van, but a car that was pretty large.

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