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How's summer?

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It's crazy how Summer JUST started. We've been out of school already for more than a month. This is my first summer as a college student, so I'm not quite used to the longer vacations. (But I'll take it!)

Since my last blog, nothing has really changed. I worked a bit this week at the Centers for Learning, and orientation groups seemed to be taking over Southwick hall. I've never seen it that full when classes weren't in session.

Also, I recently bought a record player. It's pretty cool, because it can burn your old vinyls into mp3 format. I've been listening to Incubus and the Foo Fighters non stop for 2 days. This is my first record player, so it's pretty exciting to me.  Check it out.

268237_1894922533034_1240680241_31878402_6388096_n.jpgSo far it's working pretty well. I've read a lot of complaints online, but I haven't found any problems. (Yet)

So yea. If you ever get bored and have money, invest in one of these. They're a blast.

Hope everyone's doing well.

- Matt

It's Summer, but I'm slowly learning that the off months are a time to get a lot of stuff done. Not only am I doing a great amount of work around the house, but I'm also taking an online history class at Middlesex Community College.

The class is actually pretty cool. Being my first online class, I had fairly low expectations. I was surprised to learn that the class is run using an online program known as "Blackboard". Basically, the professor is able to post video, audio, and text lectures while also grading us on our discussions on the forums. I love being on the computer, so this class is perfect for me.

As for the non-working part of summer, I've basically been sleeping, fishing, and watching the Bruins. Nothing too exciting, but I'm sure things will get better. It's only a matter of time before I'm sick of being bored.

Hope everyone is doing well!

- Matt

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