Renting vs. Buying Books

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Buying/Renting books can be the most annoying process before classes. They are expensive, and sometimes difficult to find. Most times you can buy the books, but if you can't find it at the bookstore or online, you may have to rent.

BUT. Unless the money situation can only let you rent, buying used on websites such as is your best bet. This is why. has almost any book you can think of, mainly because there are students all over the United States selling them. If you are looking for a specific calculus book, you can go online and find it used for half to 3/4ths the price. (Maybe even less.)Although this is more expensive, it is your best bet to saving money, because after your semester, you can basically re-sell it on Amazon for the same price. (Buy it used for 70 bucks? Sell it to someone else on Amazon for 70 bucks at the end of the semester. Or you could even try 75.)

This is different from renting because you can spend money for a specific book, but you will not get that money back at the end of the semester.

ALSO. DO NOT sell your books to these on-campus people. They will be outside your classes telling you that they will give you cash for your books. Yeah it may be easy, but it is a rip off. You're better off using your extra effort by selling online.

This isn't a difference between a "few bucks". This could be a difference between more than $20.00.


Recently, I've been selling books on Amazon.  I've noticed a habit that could end up saving you (even more) money.

When people sell on Amazon, they tend to make their book the cheapest. The reason for this is because they want it to sell quickly. So if Joe Smith lists his book for 70 dollars, Sally may list her book at 69.99 the next day. This is a cycle that can go on for a few bucks.

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This is a cool idea.. Maybe I can sell my old books online since I'm downloading books online anyway.. I will not them anymore and none of my brother and sister love to read..

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