International Women's Day

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Yesterday was an interesting day. It all started when I was leaving Southwick. As I left the yellow tunnel and took a left towards the bridge, I noticed a bunch of people standing on the bridge with balloons and signs. I also heard a few cars honking.

As I walked onto the bridge, I stopped to ask what was going on. Before I managed to get my headphones out of my ears, I was being recorded on a Flip video camera by a small woman. I asked my question, and learned that they were celebrating International Women's day. She then led me to a table topped with candy and a pad of paper with signatures. Before signing, I figured I'd ask for some more information. What they told me was that the pad of paper was to show how many people supported International Women's day. I signed, and was told that this was the 100 year anniversary. 100 YEARS!!!

 It's been around for 100 years, and I've never known of its existence. It took me until this moment to realize that the likely reason behind being on the bridge for this day was to spread awareness. (Which they were successful at doing.)

Good job folks. I took a picture but don't have the memory card to upload it to my computer. (I'll upload it when I go home for break.)

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Kavitha Chandra said:

Thanks for stopping by at our bridge event on International womens' day. Women met on bridges all around the world to express solidarity for issues still faced by women. This years theme was education and technology. Google showcased all of these events on their map at

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