Zombie Wedding with a Priest wearing a pirate hat. Win?

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I promise I'm not a huge zombie fanatic. I just felt the need to express the awesomeness of my Halloween.

For Halloween, I went to Salem with my girlfriend and her family. Her grandfather owns a large house on the Salem Common. His house used to be an old hospital. It has 4 or 5 floors, each of them with numerous rooms, each room having a sink.

Here's a day-photo of his house:
halloween house.jpgSo about the title of this blog... As the trick or treaters arrived following the Patriots win, Grace (My girlfriend) and I decided to walk down to the common. As we got there, we were engulfed in the enormous crowds of goblins, ghosts, cartoon characters, and movie characters. Nothing I saw surprised me... For example... When Homer Simpson was hangin' out with a bunch of evil warriors, I didn't even look twice. So we walked around, and decided to head back to the house. It was below 45 degrees, and we were freezing.
On our way back, we saw something that made our nights. A pirate-priest was marrying a zombified bride, and a wealthy looking man with a large hat. The priest was ACTUALLY marrying them, the couple ACTUALLY had rings, and the best man and maid of honor were present.  Real or fake? I can't tell... here is a picture of a Salem street, and the marriage.



So the rest of my week was fairly stressful. My girlfriend Grace, and one of my close friends Johanna both had surgery on Wednesday. It hit me pretty hard, because they're both incredible people, and it's tough to see loved one in the hospital. Johanna actually works in Southwick. She is one of the sweetest women I've ever met. I know her because her husband was my track and cross country coach throughout high school.

Grace is also a very sweet girl. She's transferring here next fall, and I can see it in her eyes... She wants to be a Umass student!

Well I'm gonna start on some homework. Have a great weekend everyone!

GET WELL GRACE AND JOHANNA! I can't wait to see the both of you.

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