We should all dance to Thriller at some point this month.

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 Days since last Zombie Attack on Umass Lowell property: 365 1Days

So it was an ordinary autumn day as I was leaving my psychology class. What I noticed made me look twice. A classmate was wearing a band around his arm. When I asked him about it, he said that the school was being attacked by zombies. Shivers were sent down my spine as my face went serious. "Zombies?!" I asked. He nodded his head. "On South campus, there will be a zombie attack, and all of the humans will be destroyed." Fear overtook my face and tears started building up...

No I'm just kidding. My classmate Stewart explained the game to me, and it's pretty much a large game of "last man standing" tag. It lasts for a few days, and the last human standing is the winner.

All around campus, I've been seeing people with the orange "Human" bands, and I have yet to see a zombie attack anyone. BUT... I have my video camera with me, and I'm ready for any sort of zombie encounter.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could get all of the zombies and have a giant Thriller dance in the middle of south campus?

So in other UML news, Leitch hall was in flames last night. Literally. I was sitting in my dorm with my pal April, and we were video chatting with some guys from Umass Amherst. Then the alarms went off. "Oh come on. Not another fire drill." I made it up to the  ground floor, and the R.A's were SCREAMING at us. "GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET. WALK ACROSS THE STREET!" They repeated this MANY times, and as I walked out of the hall, I turned my back, only to see a dark building with a fire-lit room on the third floor. The orange flames were easily  visible from the outside. Four to five firetrucks arrived, and we were outside for at least 45 minutes in the cold, sprinkling rain. It wasn't fun.

Umass can get pretty crazy. Hopefully you all realize that now.

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