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So this is a pretty late post. It's currently Sunday night as I'm typing this. I have a good excuse. I PROMISE!

My excuse? MIDTERMS. I have a huge Psychology midterm on Tuesday. I've spent the past few days attempting to read the 250-300 pages of material that will most definitely be on the test. It's very interesting stuff actually.

I've had a very interesting week.

For the past month, I've been seeing more and more signs about Louis CK coming to UML. Never did I bother to stop and read them until recently. "Dude look up some of his videos. This guy is hilarious." So I did, and my friend was right. Never have I laughed so hard at a stand up comedian since the George Carlin days. (Who COULDN'T laugh at George Carlin? That man was a genius.)

But yeah. Louis CK is a stand up comedian who has had a great amount of success. He has recently had a show on HBO and currently has a show on FX called "Louis". 

This Friday, I also managed to get to a hockey game. UML was playing Providence. To be honest, I didn't think Umass would come out on top. They were losing and I decided to leave after the 2nd because I had other plans. BIG MISTAKE. I drove by the Tsongas center with a bunch of friends (about an hour later) and people were JUST leaving...  "Must have gone into O.T." someone said in the car. I then noticed a bunch of people giving each other high fives. From that moment on, I realized the type of game I missed. I regret not staying.

So many things to do. So much work to do. I'm growing stressed as the days go on, but my hard work is always met with something fun.

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