You can thank me later.

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I never truly experienced awesomeness until I tried Dunkin Donut's new Pumpkin Iced Coffee. No, I'm not getting paid to advertise. I just think that it's so good, that I should use some of my blogging talents to let you all know.

So today I'm writing from the Centers for Learning in Southwick 321. It's pretty much a free, drop in tutoring center. I work here and to be totally honest, it'll probably be the best decision a student can make. Even if you come once a week, these tutors are some of the smartest students at Umass. As of 3:30 PM, 317 students have dropped by today for tutoring. Not too bad huh?


             So I just took a Pre-Calc exam. I studied for HOURS and hours for the past few days. Well... I got the test, and totally choked. To be honest, I don't think I've ever had such a bad feeling during an exam. BUT.... I know how to make myself feel better. I'm going to give all of you a great piece of advice.

Are you ready for this? Here we go. Pay attention.

IF you are a current student, or a soon to be student, please get help at the tutoring center when the time comes! (Southwick 321) You can thank me later. (A nice tip will do)

Now time to change topics. (again) I forgot to explain something in my first post, so I'm going to talk about it now.

 When I write my blogs, I have to write one a week.That doesn't mean I'm going to sit  down on a Friday night and quickly type something up and post it for the public. I find that my best blogs take time. So that means that I'm going to write a little everyday! (Or every few days.)You should expect a post before Saturday night.

Well I'm done for now. I know this blog was kind of... scattered, but I'll try to be more organized in the future.

By the way, is anyone seeing Drake on the 26th at the Tsongas Center?


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