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Is what I say after a lot of moments that have happened since I became a blogger. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google Plus, forums and other blogs, the world is becoming less and less private. Itís even gotten to the point where your pet can have a social network account.

People are constantly voicing their opinions via the internet. Even I am guilty of it (Exhibit A: This Awesome Blog). BUT, this is America, and we have this document (you may have heard of it) called the Constitution. It has 27 Amendments, and the first 10 of those amendments are known as the Bill of Rights, and the first of those rights encompasses freedom of speech. So in conclusion we as Americanís can say What. Ever. The. *Bird Noise* We. Want. (U-S-A! U-S-A!) This lack of privacy is a two way street though. Someone says something we react. We judge people based on what we see on the internet. Iím guilty of it and youíre guilty of it!

Donít judge a book by its cover, because itís the internet. We know employers, friends, family and strangers are looking at us 25/8, so naturally we make sure to make ourselves look our best, the rest of the world doesnít know what goes on behind closed doors (unless you share it on the internet).

Side note.

This is why I donít use a GPS. Remember the days when you had a destination and you had to figure out on your own how to get there? You would jump in the car and have a relative idea of where you were headed, but you would figure it out as you got closer. Then on the way you would become lost and stumble upon this amazing diner with the worldís best pie (címon everybody loves pie). Had you been using your GPS, he or she (donít deny it, you refer to your GPS as a gender specific being) would have led you right past that diner, and you the driver would never have been the wiser to its existence. The art of getting lost isÖwell lost.

Itís the same with the internet. We can look up everything and anything with the click of a mouse, without even leaving our seat, heck without even putting on pants! Nothing is a mystery anymore, nothing is a secret and nothing is a surprise.

ďThe internetís not written in pencil, itís written in ink.Ē

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