The Final Cut

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ďMade it Ma! Top of the world!Ē


ďLook at me now. Iím getting paper!Ē


ďIím liviní in the 21st century, doiní something mean to it.

Do it better than anybody ya ever seen do it

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it

I guess every superhero needs his theme musicĒ


ďI might be too strung out on compliments, overdose on confidence,Ē but you know what? I did college, and I did it well. I went in as a youngster and came out a star! Came out a Plastics Engineer! So Iím going to gloat about it. ďGet off of my cloud!Ē Sorry Iím not sorry!


Now that Iíve publicly acknowledged how awesome I amÖagain, itís time to be serious. Iím a man, an educated man, but I didnít get this far on cheap laughs and good looks.


Teaching is a noble profession, a profession that overworks and under pays. Early mornings and late nights. Without our professors and teachers the world would be an uneducated and ignorant place (seems obvious, redundant and self-explanatory, but Iím still saying it). These men and woman donít get the recognition they deserve. So I hope this blog has provided you with a new found or increased appreciation for the educators of not just America, but the world.


This is my formal and sincere thank you to all my teachers, professors and faculty members. From elementary school to middle school to Westford Academy to UMass Lowell and beyond. Plain and simple, I wouldnít be who I am or where I am today without all of you. Thank you.


Thank you to all of my family and friends. When you look back on the most memorable moments in your life, were you alone? Life is better with company and I am fortunate to have shared so many amazing moments and created lasting memories with you all. Let the good times roll!


Lastly, Iím taking this opportunity to thank everyone that has been born and anyone that will ever be born. So, if I left anyone outÖyou know who you are.


I want to leave you all with this thought. I used to tell someone who is really important to me about missed opportunities. Every day, every minute, every second, every moment has the potential to change your life, whether the result is good or bad, itís undoubtedly bettering yourself as a person. Donít let a chance at anything slip away.


Carpe Diem.


It could be meeting someone new, taking a different class, learning a skill, or even something as minor as just looking or listening. Because you never know whatís going to come of it and it could honestly have the most substantial impact on your entire life.


ďDonít be afraid to care.Ē


I can honestly say every person Iíve come in contact with the last 22 years has changed my life; every last individual has made an impact. College is one of the most amazing opportunities I have had the good fortune to partake in at this point in my life. Embrace it, cherish it, enjoy it, live for the moment, live for right now, because before you can realize, it will have passed, and you most certainly donít want to miss it.


Dream On


Anything Is Possible


Donít Stop Believiní


Go Riverhawks!


And from the bottom of my heart,


Thank You


ďDonít cry because itís over. Smile because it happened!Ē -Dr. Seuss

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