Last Chance To Be A Hero


One last week, One last class, One last hoorah. Last, but not least. It seems as though we are all in a rush to get to the end and yet we’re all shocked at how fast the end arrived. But none-the-less…


Let’s dance the last dance!


Final papers, final exams, final presentations, the final push to the Grand Finale. It’s so close you can almost taste it! And don’t feed me that *Bird Noise* that “the *Bird Noise* you give went that way” or that “zero *Bird Noise* were given.” Earning a top notch grade feels a *Bird Noise* of a lot better than a *Bird Noise* one. (Ya I’m censoring myself a lot right now, big woop want to fight about it?).


Regardless of whether or not you have the mindset that you have a job lined up, or all you have to do is pass each class and you’ll graduate, you’re not fooling anyone.  Everyone wants to do well in school whether it “matters” or not (Let’s be honest getting a better grade than anyone in your class makes you feel “like a boss”).


Oh and I’m sorry, I thought this was America! You should be thanking your lucky stars (all 50 of them) that you have the opportunity to get an education and receive a college degree. No matter the school, no matter the cost!


And for those of you not graduating, hahahahaha, just kidding! But not really. No but seriously, don’t mail it in during finals week or check-out early, it’s an easy way to find yourself in a hole that you’ll spend the next three years (or more) trying to pull yourself out of. Instead of going into more detail I will shamelessly plug myself one last time.


For more information refer to first chapter of my Pulitzer Prize winning (pending) saga/blog/novel and while you’re at it just read my blog in its entirety because I’m not sure if anything else you ever read in your lifetime will amount to it.


But I digress…


We have all worked way too hard for way too long to just drop the ball and piss it all away in the homestretch. So put your best foot forward and like I said last semester “end on a high note” (No pun intended. I know what you’re thinking).


“The Finals are about a test of wills.”-Bill Laimbeer


Next, the epic conclusion, to the Jared Peraner legend…

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