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All Down Hill From Here


The beginning of the end. The final chapter. The epic conclusion to the undergrad student legend. It all starts tomorrow morning at 10:00AM.


Rewind, a lot has happened since I last spoke (wrote, blogged…you get the idea). Over the All-Star break I accepted a position at Nypro Inc. where I will be working in the consumer and electronics department. It’s an internship right now, with promise of turning into a full time position upon graduation. For old times’ sake let’s summarize the interview process:


Company: Nypro Inc.

Interviews: 1 (On-Site)

Follow Up with thank you notes: YES

Job Offer: YES

Notes: Yeah we poppin’ champagne like we won a championship game


That’s it. 1 interview. 1 job. Boom Roasted! As you can imagine, this go around was significantly better than last spring. Going into tomorrow and the rest of my final semester knowing I could have a full time job after I graduate makes me feel like I’m no longer “Under Pressure” (shameless plug…again). For you new comers to my blog, catch up on my life story here: Prelude


In order to continue my internship/part time work during the semester at Nypro I took a course, The Short Story, during the winter session. Unfortunately they weren’t offering Architecture with Prof. Theodore Mosby, so that had to do. The course allowed me to free up some time and finish my Arts and Humanities requirement. To make a long story short…story (yeah I just did that) “I’m awesome!”


Fast forward to present day. Like last semester and every semester since the dawn of…the semester, tomorrow will follow this script:


“Hi and welcome to _______. My name is professor_______. Please take a few minutes to read over the syllabus and feel free to ask any questions…Any questions?...Alright, well have a good day.


Last semester of the season, can’t hold anything back now.


“Hello Boys (and girls) I’m baaaaaack!”

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