The Calm Before the Storm


Over the course of my tenure here at UML Iíve noticed a particular pattern that each semester follows.  Professors tend to ease us students into the beginning of the semester by starting off with the syllabus, gradually moving into lectures and assigning homework, then the exams start. Now this seems pretty straight forward for any academic course except that all my courses seem to follow this pattern identically, meaning all of my exams will be in the same week. So right now Iím in what I refer to the ďcalm before the storm,Ē just waiting for it.

Then comes next week, exam, after examÖafter exam.  

It is one brutal week and then back to the same routine, until in about another month the ďstormĒ will hit again. This seems to be the common trend in engineering, at least for myself. Iím not complaining, itís just the way it is and Iím used to it now. So I can guarantee that you will find me in the library on North next week at a table scattered with notes, textbooks and my good friend Arnold Palmer

With September and the first month of senior year concluded, I would have to say Iím pretty pleased. Itís nice to have a schedule where I do not have to wake up Monday through Friday at 8:00AM, but also not finding myself in class everyday till 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening (I mean seriously I might as well establish residency in Ball Hall with the amount of time I spend in that building). Also, Iíve made a decision on my capstone project and will be working with a pair of exceptional Plastics Engineers.


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