First things first, I know I didnít write a blog last week. I went on a road trip to ďHappy ValleyĒ aka Penn State University to see a friend. Sorry, but Iím not sorry. It was a great time and you should have been there! Also, the Patriots had a bye week, so I believe I am also entitled to a bye week. Also, by having a bye week that allows me, the writer, to have an extra week of preparation for my next post.

So here we are, Halloween weekend! Naturally, youíve spent the last month watching Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town and Itís the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (If you havenít heard or seen any of these then you should have a serious talk with your parents and ask what the *bird noise* they were thinking when they raised you). Either yesterday or today you will have carved your pumpkin and no matter how many other carvings you see this weekend, youíll consider your own the best. You spent the first 25 days of October trying to think of what to be this weekend and then it hit you that you actually need to come up with something so you panic because, letís face it, no one wants to see you as yourself.

Youíll spend roughly the next ten days eating the left over candy from trick-or-treating, or steal your siblings when he or she isnít looking. Then afterwards feel disgusted with yourself and want to eat better and exercise more. Only problem is Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, so youíll wait and start after Thanksgiving break. Then youíll mull it over and think to yourself, ďyou know what, Christmas is only a few weeks away so Iíll just wait until after New Years.Ē


As for myself, Iím going to dress up as a student this Halloween and spend October 31 in my night class from 6:00-9:00. Isnít an education truly the best treat of all? (Iím fluent in sarcasm)

ďItís a full moon tonight. Thatís when all the weirdos are out.Ē

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