Our Maiden Voyage


Iím trying to be a more active member of the UML community this year. So, some of my cronies and I decided to participate in the White Water Rafting trip offered by the Asylum last weekend. We ventured up to West Forks, Maine where the Kennebec River runs 135 miles from the Atlantic. Now on a normal day you will paddle through class 2, 3, 4 and 5 rapids with waves ranging from 4 to 6 feet high (Meh).

"You're going to need a bigger boat."

Four times a year the Power Company tests the turbines of Harris Station. The flood gates of the damn are opened and water flow is wide open to 8000 cfs (cubic feet per second).

This is nothing like the lazy river at Water Country!                                                     

Now waves are 8-12 feet high! With Rapids called Big Mama and Maytag (a.k.a washing machine), you can pretty much guarantee youíre going to get wet and tossed around. Oh and I jumped out of the boat and floated down some class 2 rapids, like a boss!

Row row row your boat gently down the stream.

Not to give away the ending, but since your reading this blog itís apparent I survived my Maiden Voyage.

Now you might be saying, ďHey Jared, are you really that involved in the UML community? That was one event for one day of the whole year.Ē

Well reader, I havenít finished my post yet!

I also joined Engineering Student Council to provide the organization with some Plastic Engineering insight and representation. Iím also a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Oh and I write this blog, bringing you happiness and joy on a weekly basis.

Moral of the story is, try to become more involved here at UML. It may sound clichť, lame and cheesy, but it really is a great way to meet new people, learn more and try new things. The Xbox/PS3 isnít going anywhere!

Farewell and adieu to you all!

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