Episode VI: Return of the Student


This is it.


One more week. One more week waking up at 6:45AM. One more week commuting 60 miles. One more week cooking my own meals. One more week living in Burlington. One more week with no homework. One more week with a steady pay check. One more week of summer.


One. More. Week.


Then it’s back to reality. Back to waking up at one time Monday/Wednesday/Friday and another Tuesday/Thursday. Back to walking over the University Ave bridge or catching a bus across campus. Back to eating in the dining hall. Back to living on campus. Back to homework. Back to stretching out the dollar. Back to the cold weather.


Back. To. School.


I remember talking about transitioning from student to full time employee back in May before the end of school, adjusting to a new found lifestyle. But what about this transition from full time employee back to student. Will it be as easy, will I prefer being a full time student or will I rather be working? Will what I’ve learned this summer have an impact on my academic success this year? Will I have any regrets?


Has it all been worth it?


The importance of an internship or Co-Op has been highly stressed since I’ve arrived at UML. Gaining real world experience is essential in preparing yourself for a full time job, and especially being hired for one.


“Making contacts.”


“Building a network.”


“Having strong references.”




“Separating yourself from the competition.”


“Constructing a strong resume.”


“Being hired upon graduation.”


These ideas have been stressed over and over again the past 3 years. This is the big picture and the main goal of the summer co-op. Did I accomplish it? Have a met people I can consider contacts and potential references that will provide strong letters of recommendation. Will I rank higher then my competitors when applying for future jobs? Have a done enough to make my resume strong and make myself look better on paper? Would TA consider me for full time employment?


I think that this is what most of my fellow students and faculty members are thinking about as students wrap up their various summer jobs and transition back into “academic mode.”


Next week. The epic conclusion to the Co-op Saga!

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