Every great story has a preliminary journey that sets the stage for the main story. My Summer Co-op experience is no exception, and it too has its own prelude…


Upon returning to UML for my junior year I had several goals for the year, but the primary goal from the get go was to land a summer internship position. I had put off obtaining a summer internship last year in order to spend one more summer as an overnight camp counselor. Now it was time to join the almighty “real world” that everyone at camp dreaded so much.


First semester was uneventful (as far as job opportunities went), so let’s fast forward to second semester. I had signed a "Co-Op contract" indicating to the Career Services Department my interest in obtaining a Co-Op and that I would be attending the "Co-Op Connections Event" in February. I had also met my Co-Op advisor, whose sole responsibility was to help me in my job search.


The “Co-Op Connections Event” came and went; I had sat down and spoken with several companies, submitted my resume and business card to each (Yes, you read that correctly. I have my own business card. I wasn't lying when I said I was a "big deal"), and followed up with thank you notes. Over the next couple of weeks, I discovered a few of my classmates had been contacted for interviews, but nothing for me yet. I continued to submit online applications via eRecruiting and meet with my Co-Op advisor regularly to discuss potential strategies for my job search.


It wasn’t until spring break that I received my first opportunity to obtain a summer Co-Op. It breaks down like this:


(Please Note: To prevent bad naming any potential future employers or appearing on Google searches, actual company names will be absent in this blog.)


Company: B

Interviews: 2 (Phone)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job Offer: NO

Notes: Definitely panicked and put on an overall poor performance during the first phone interview. After my second phone interview I was instructed I would be notified in 2 weeks about their decision. I never heard from them.


Now instead of going into detail about the rest of my interview process I’ll give you the “Short-short version” (Spaceballs reference for you movie buffs).


Company: S

Interviews: 2 (1 Phone & 1 On-Site)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job Offer: NO

Notes: 1 of the final 2 candidates


Company: M

Interview: 1 (On site)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job Offer: NO

Notes: 1 of the final 3 Candidates. I thought I interviewed exceptionally well. (Obviously)


Company: C

Interviews: 1 (On site)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job offer: NO

Notes: 1 of the final 5 candidates


Company: F

Interviews: 1 (On site)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job offer: NO

Notes: Of all the interviews up until this point, I was most confident this company would make me an offer…their loss.


Company: G

Interview: 1*

Follow up with thank you notes: NO

Job offer: NO

Notes: *Set-up date and time for phone interview, long story short I was stood-up.


Can you feel my frustration? At this point in time I had interviewed with 6 different companies and had not received a single job offer! I was doing everything right according to my Co-Op advisor and my professors. So why no job offer? Why always the bridesmaid but never the bride? What was I doing wrong?


But the phone hadn’t stopped ringing yet.


Company: Teknor Apex

Interviews: 1 (On campus)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job offer: YES

Notes: I was informed of this interview by my Co-Op advisor an hour before its occurrence. I wasn’t prepared, I hadn’t shaved, I wasn’t dressed appropriately (basically, I just earned a job by doing the opposite of “by the book”).


Company: XYZ

Interviews: 1 (On site)

Follow up with thank you notes: YES

Job offer: YES

Notes: Now I have a decision to make!


And just like that I went from possibly settling for any job I could find, to now having to decide which company I would work for. I had no doubts, I wasn’t worried I wouldn’t find a job (yeah right)…I’m everything your company could ever want or need. Company XYZ was local in MA, while Teknor Apex is located in Vermont.  


I weighed my options, but everything in regards to Teknor Apex came together so quickly and easily. My friend in Burlington had a friend (who was an engineer and went to the same summer camp as I did) who needed a roommate for the summer. It was a great place with a great location. I thought to myself 'I would be a fool to pass up this chance'. To spend the summer somewhere I've never been, meet new people, and be the first UML student to intern at Teknor Apex, thus opening the door for a relationship between UML and Teknor Apex. Plus, I haven't lived at home for 13 summers, so one more couldn’t hurt. I contacted Teknor Apex the last day of the semester, accepted their job offer and 10 days later moved to Burlington Vermont.


Now your feature presentation…

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