Chapter III: I Solemnly Swear Iím Up To No Good


Letís clarify something, while Iím living in Burlington for the summer, TA is in St. Albans VT, which is about 30 miles north of Burlington, about 15 miles south of Canada (Yes, Iím up there). So my daily commute to and from is roughly 60 miles.


Monday-Friday follows a general routine:


6:45 AM: ďWakin up in the morning gotta be freshĒ

7:15 AM: Yes keys, turn to start

7:45 AM: Clock-in

4:15 PM: Clock-Out

5:00 PM: Itís fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.

7:00 PM: Epic Meal Time

11:00 PM: Bedtime with Hot Coco! (Conan)


Donít let this be a guide. I donít follow this schedule down to the last second!


Iíve been living in Burlington for almost 2 months now. I find myself in an odd situation though because technically Iím not a local, but Iím also not a tourist. I know my way around Burlington and the surrounding towns now. I workout at the YMCA, bronze at North Beach, and do laundry at the King St. Laundromat (If you werenít paying attention I just covered the GTL of Burlington, and if youíve been living under a rock for the past 2 years, thatís Gym Tan Laundry). Yet I still find myself at places, for the first time, asking people ďWhat do you recommend?Ē or ďYes this is my first rodeo [Row-Day-Oh].Ē So like I said, Iím this hybrid of a local-tourist.


While I do have a roommate, I spend the majority of the week with me, myself and I. So every once in a while Iíll catch a movie during the week. I know, I know. ďGoing to the movies by yourself!?...Thatís so sad.Ē Is it though? When I go see a movie, Iím going to SEE THE MOVIE, not to socialize with the person I went with, so is it really any different sitting by yourself. And better yet, I have the popcorn all to myself and donít need to deal with my fellow moviegoer shoving their hand in my popcorn while Iím trying to pay attention to what is on the screen.


But, when I do have visitors, or go out with people I have met here, there is a plethora of to doís. Church St. is the heart of Burlington VT, a four block walking street crammed with pubs, bars, cafťs, restaurants, shops, musicians, an entire mall, and more! In fact, just off the top of my head, I can name 45 different places to eat (Is that a lot?) within 1 square mile of my apartment in downtown Burlington.


Then, there is Lake Champlain, ďthe sixth great lake.Ē You could take your own boat out, or rent a canoe or a kayak. Or maybe you just want to hang out at one of the beaches. Or maybe you just want to take a hike around the lake. OR MAYBE you just want to ride your bike along the lake. OR MAYBE! You just want to sit and relax at the waterfront and enjoy a sunset over the Adirondack Mountains.


That doesnít tickle your fancy? Well maybe touring a local brewery appeals to you, there are 21 one of them in VT (must be 21 or older) Magic Hat and Switchback (a new personal favorite) are located right in Burlington!


Not appealing either? Try touring Ben and Jerryís or Shelburne Farms.


Still nothing? How about hiking in the Green mountains.


No? Well then just Google it.


If I had decided to stay in MA this summer, I would have missed out on all of these amazing opportunities. I most likely would have been bored doing the same things day in and day out. So no, Iím not lonely and Iím not bored.


ďIím out there, Jerry and Iím lovin every minute of it!Ē

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