Allow myself to introduce...myself


I donít know how to put this butÖIím kind of a big deal (among my friends). People know me (a small fraction of UML). I have many leather (paper) bound [composition note] books and my apartment smells of rich (poor) mahogany (pine).


My pillow is cool on both sides. Iíve won trophies for my game face alone. My charm is so contagious they created a vaccine for it. I once had an awkward moment to see how it felt. When life gives me lemons, I make champagne. When in Rome they do as I do. Sharks have a week dedicated to me. My words carry weight that would break a lesser mans jaw.


Who am I!? My name is Jared Peraner. Iím 21 years young and have just completed my Junior year (Yes Junior year! Iím on time and up to date with all my courses, Iím not a mega freshman or a super sophomore or a light junior) in the Plastics Engineering program.


But it wasnít always the glitz and glamour that is the Plastics Engineering program. Iím a former mechanical engineer, but soon realized I was not fit for their world. After weeks of trade rumors and contract negotiations I left the Mechanical Engineering program and signed with the Plastics (departmentÖnot the group in Mean Girls).


Now, Iím basically the most sought after student in the Plastics department. The women know me (all maybe 5 in the dept.), the men want to be me and the professors rely on me. Iím personable, intelligent, good looking and anything else the university desires.


Letís keep talking about me.


  • Wiffs
  • Golf
  • Grilling
  • Brewing


These are just a few of my favorite activities I participate in regularly outside the AsylumÖI mean University (donít get me wrong I really do enjoy UML). Iím a huge Boston sports fan, love cars, and Iím curious about how anything and everything works. Iím also a serious movie buff and you will no doubt find me quoting and referencing numerous television shows and movies throughout my posts.


Iíll be coming to you live from Burlington Vermont all summer long sharing my experiences in and out of my Co-Op.


So. Here. We. Go!

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