Maine, Mississippi, Vietnam, Oh My!

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So many things going on right now!

My sister recently had her graduation this weekend, so I went up to Maine (Bates College) to watch and support, as well as helping her move all her stuff out. It's crazy how time flies, it seems like just yesterday she had just gone off to college, but now she's graduating and I'm in my third year of college! She's home for a couple weeks but then she's back off to Maine to take an exam called the MCAT (don't ask me what that is! I just know it has something to do with Doctoring) and I believe she's working at a stem cell lab for a while before applying to graduate school. I myself have always wondered what college athletes do post-graduation, and now I've seen what goes on. The day before her graduation, my sister was inducted into a "Student Athelete Society", which is basically a society for students and alumni that have excelled in both athletics and education. I was extremely impressed with her accomplishment, and was extremely surprised with the past couple days. She, being an avid runner, has not gone for a run since she has been home! When I asked her if she was planning on running anytime soon she replied, "Why? My competing days are over". Kind of sad to see actually, but I'm sure she'll start it back up sometime soon.

Seems to me that airfare has gone up significantly since last year! My Mississippi trip this year is going to cost more than double what it did last year! It's crazy, but I'm extremely excited to go and can't wait. We've had a lot of fund raisers to lower the costs, but even with all that, the price is still kind of high. It's all for a good cause though, so in the end it will be worth it. I had an amazing time last year helping Katrina victims, and with all the other tragedies in the world it's sometimes hard for people to remember about past disasters. It's sad that after all these years people in Katrina are STILL suffering from the aftermath. The only part of the trip that I'm dreading is the heat; I remember last year's trip was a sweat-fest all day long.

Such a groomy and blue update so far! I guess this is good news, but my mother and baby brother (10, well I guess he's not a baby anymore, but he's still one to me) are going to Vietnam this Saturday for 3 weeks. One of my uncles is going to become a priest and his final ceremony, I can't remember for the life of my what it's called, is coming up. My brother is extremely lucky, this will be his second time going to Vietnam, but I have yet to go! Someday in the near future I hope though.

Even in the summer you can see a college student has a lot of running around to do! It is definitely a lot more relaxing that finals and such, but there is still a lot of work before I can sit back and relax.

Thanks for reading, till next time -


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