Jambalya, Success!

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Hey guys!

In my previous entry I wrote about how i was going to attempt in one of my first cooking projects and make Jambalaya for a dinner fundraiser. That was several days ago, and I promised a video, but trust me, you don't want to see it! I had a camera rolling in the back throughout the whole disaster, but all you could really see was me running around like a lunatic trying to get everything done. We had a cooking demonstration a couple days before, and the instructor made it look SO simple, even separated all the ingredients for us so I thought I would be in the clear. Little did I know, it was much more difficult than I expected! I think the fact that I had very little cooking experience had something to do with the difficulty, but I was running around trying to get everything done, and even cutting the chicken was difficult for me! The recipe called for the chicken to be cut into bite-sized portions, and I thought it would be an easy task, so I would do it mid-cooking. But, to my surprise, raw chicken wasn't the easiest to cut! Slimy and slippery, it took me more time than I expected to cut the chicken, and that was the main set back in my project, but in the end I did end up successfully making a batch of Jambalaya for the fundraiser! Next time, if there I do ever end up making Jambalaya again, I will be sure to cut the chicken beforehand! Here is the recipe I followed to prepare the Jambalaya:

In other news, my uncle's laptop had some problems, so I took the liberty of fixing it for him. I finished, and will go into more detail in tomorrow's entry, with a video! Promise! I'm uploading it right now onto my Youtube channel, but it's a pretty large file and it's taking a while, but it should be done by tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!
-Hai Pham

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