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Holiday Update

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I'm extremely glad that we had the day off today. All the work piled on top of me lately has been incredibly stressful, and I felt that having this nice 4 day weekend was a great way to step back, re-assess everything, and just breathe!

Another good thing is spring's arrival. The weather has been better lately, although there are some few random days where it gets cold again, but usually it's nice enough out for short sleeves and shorts. The only bad thing is I'm really sensitive to pollen, but I guess it's a nice trade-off for the beautiful weather. The grass is greener, more people are sitting around outside, all the normal spring stuff. And instead of driving to the Campus Recreation Center (from South Campus to East Campus) I've been able to get in a good job before my workouts.

I'm also excited about Spring Carnival. I'm not 100% sure about the dates, I believe it starts 4/30/10, but don't quote me on that! Last year it was a fun time, but this year rap artist Drake is coming to the Tsongas! I'm not a huge fan of Drake's but he is a very popular artist right now, so why not?

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-Hai Pham

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