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Some of you may remember from previous posts that I went to Gulfport, Mississippi this summer with some members of my parish. A group of us went with other parishes in Massachussets in an effort to help rebuild homes/communities that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. It was a great opportunity and I had an amazing time last year, so I've decided to return again this year! I will update you guys on the trip progession as time goes by.

Another important event is Spring Break! I'm currently home on spring break and it's nice to have some R&R from school work! Last year I went home and worked during the break, but this year I've decided to take it easy and just stay at home and try to relax a bit. It sure does make me feel lazy, but sometimes a break is nice as well :) Only half way into the break, sitting around the house all day is already getting boring! It's too late to call up and ask to be put on the schedule, so for now, I'm just waiting to move back into school! I'm sure I'll find another time this week to write about some more updates, so stay tuned!

P.S. Happy St. Patty's Day!

CMF Begins!

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Hey guys! In my last entry, I mentioned Campus Movie Fest (CMF) and how my friends and I signed up. Today was the launch day, and we picked up all our supplies from McGauvran Student Center, and I gotta say, some of the equipment is pretty sweet. Here's what we got:

STM Backpack - Never heard of this company but the backpack they're letting us borrow is nice and I'm thinking of buying one for myself (not a product placement ad!)

17" Macbook Pro - Fully loaded with professional movie editing software and much bigger than my 13inch Macbook! Only problem I had was the battery was dead and I can't use it without the charger

Shotgun Microphone - Looks like a regular boom mic except smaller.

Full HD Camcorder - Records in the highest quality! Couldn't stop fooling around with it today.

Prepaid ATT cellphone - I believe it's called the Samsung Impression. Unlimited texts, web data, and minutes. I already have a cell phone, but doesn't hurt to have two haha.

So we only have week to plan, shoot, and edit a movie, and so far I don't really know what I want to make. I have a lot of ideas floating in my head but nothing concrete yet. Hopefully something good will pop out, and I'll be sure to post up the video I create when I finish. That is if I'm allowed to, haven't really read all the rules on the sheet they gave me...

Till next time,

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