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Campus Movie Fest

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Hey, long time no see! This semester has been going great so far, all my classes are fine and none of my professors really seem like sticklers. The only complaint I have is 8AM classes. It's not that early in a high school standpoint since classes usually start at 7 for them, but when you're so used to have classes start at 11 or later, it can really be killer. The adjustment is going pretty well, and I'm starting to not really mind it at all.

One thing I want to talk about is Campus Movie Fest (CMF). I saw some poster advertisements hung up around campus about it and thought it was a great opportunity so I signed up. The school/CMF loans out HD camcorders and Apple laptops and gives groups of students a chance to create 5 minute short films. After the videos are edited on the laptops and submitted, they are judged and winners will receive prizes such as laptops, cameras, and more. I've got tons of video ideas buzzing around my head and hopefully one of them will be a winner! If you're interested in signing a team up, you can head over to www.campusmoviefest.com for more info.

That's it, hopefully I'll have another update in the next couple days!

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