Red/Yellow Armbands?

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If youíve been around South Campus in the past 2 days, you mightíve seen people wearing yellow or red armbands running around, chasing each other, and pelting one another with rolled up socks. If you havenít already been told, itís a huge outdoor tag game called, ďHumans vs ZombiesĒ. Basically, thereís a group of humans and a couple of zombies in the beginning of the game.  Zombies go around with yellow armbands and humans walk around with red armbands. The zombies have to try and find a human to tag (must be outside a safe zone like dorms, streets,  buildings, etc.), which means theyíve eaten the human. Once a human is eaten, they must give the zombie their code so the zombie can register the human as killed and then the human becomes a zombie. Last human standing wins. Unfortunately Iím now a zombie, but I do have the most kills! If a zombie doesnít eat within 48 hours the zombie dies.

In other news, this Sunday, Iíll be visiting one of my best friends at Boston University. But the trip isnít just for visiting though, Iím also going to the Rockstar On Campus event being held at BU. At this event, Rockstar (the energy drink company) will select a few people to be hooked up with free Rockstar clothes and have their fridge stocked with Rockstar Energy Drinks 24/7. Hopefully I can get a sponsorship from them!

Well thatís all for now, till next time,

-Hai Pham

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