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I canít believe itís already Thanksgiving; this year is flying by compared to last year! Around the corner is this semesterís end and I feel like winter break is going to be here any moment! It feels good to be home and enjoy a nice home cooked feast on Thanksgiving, but I miss being at school and the independence it gave me. Even better, before we left, all my suitemates took everything out of our suite and did an all out pre-turkey-day-cleaning! That way, when we all get back, the room will be immaculate and welcoming. Which brings me to my next topic: cleanliness.

            My suite, a 4-person suite, always seems extremely more dirty and messy than the suite across the hall. I must mention too, the suite across the hall is an 8-person suite! I swear, you can go in there and not find one dust bunny under any furniture. We try to keep our room clean by sweeping, mopping, and doing dishes on a weekly basis, but everything always seems to be so cluttered! It does definitely help that we clean on a weekly basis though, but it's upsetting when the room gets messy the same exact day we clean.

            On a side-note, Iíve decided to pick up an old hobby of mine: reading.  I remember back in the day, I think it was before my sophomore year in high school I used to love reading. Dan Brown was one of my favorite authors and I read almost every single one of his books, so when I saw his new book ďThe Lost SymbolĒ in our schoolís bookstore, it just sparked my interest to read again. So I decided to pick up the book and try to enjoy reading again. It was funny when a couple of my suitemates came out to the common room and saw me just sitting there reading; some poked fun at me but I must say, I do very much enjoy reading again, and Iím glad I picked it up. I havenít finished the book yet, not even halfway as Iíve only been reading it for a couple of days, but Iíll let you know how it goes!

            As for the Rockstar On Campus internship, Iíve finished my promotional video for them of me handing out Rockstar Energy Drinks around campus, and for those that are interested, hereís the video (you'll have to log in to facebook to see this video I believe; but I'll try to upload it to youtube and edit this entry soon):


Well thatís all for now, all this serotonin from the turkey is making me sleepy! Plus I gotta get some good rest is now for all the crazy early bird shopping on Black Friday!


A Rockstar Weekend!

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Hey guys! I donít know if youíve heard yet, but Rockstar, the energy drink company, is trying to find college students on different campuses to represent their company! On Sunday, I went to Boston University to an info session they held, met some new people who were also there to try and get the position, and just had a lot of fun all together. For the first half hour they just told us to mingle around and meet new people, which was awkward at first just walking up to random strangers and introducing yourself, but after a little bit, I got used to it and found out that most of those students were pretty outgoing just like me. At the end of all the presentations they showed everyone got a case of Rockstar Energy Drinks (24 cans) and were told to make a good video of distributing the drinks. Iíve already handed out all the drinks theyíve given me, you mightíve even seen me at Fox and/or North Campus! People were playing fake air guitars and even did pushups for a free can of Rockstar! I also had a couple of Rockstar hats that I handed out to a few lucky people! I havenít edited the video yet, but when I do Iíll be sure to show you guys! Hopefully they like my video and hook me up with more Rockstar gear! I personally think this is a great opportunity for an internship with Rockstar, and a great way to get free stuff!

Till next time,


Red/Yellow Armbands?

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If youíve been around South Campus in the past 2 days, you mightíve seen people wearing yellow or red armbands running around, chasing each other, and pelting one another with rolled up socks. If you havenít already been told, itís a huge outdoor tag game called, ďHumans vs ZombiesĒ. Basically, thereís a group of humans and a couple of zombies in the beginning of the game.  Zombies go around with yellow armbands and humans walk around with red armbands. The zombies have to try and find a human to tag (must be outside a safe zone like dorms, streets,  buildings, etc.), which means theyíve eaten the human. Once a human is eaten, they must give the zombie their code so the zombie can register the human as killed and then the human becomes a zombie. Last human standing wins. Unfortunately Iím now a zombie, but I do have the most kills! If a zombie doesnít eat within 48 hours the zombie dies.

In other news, this Sunday, Iíll be visiting one of my best friends at Boston University. But the trip isnít just for visiting though, Iím also going to the Rockstar On Campus event being held at BU. At this event, Rockstar (the energy drink company) will select a few people to be hooked up with free Rockstar clothes and have their fridge stocked with Rockstar Energy Drinks 24/7. Hopefully I can get a sponsorship from them!

Well thatís all for now, till next time,

-Hai Pham

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