College Fest!

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College Fest!!!
So this weekend, me and my friends decided to travel into Boston and visit some of our friends at different colleges. We ended up sleeping over Boston University, Suffolk University, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. I love going to see my friends in Boston since most of the campuses have nice sites and are close to points of interest such as Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, etc. The travel isn't even that bad either, the UML Shuttle services drive you to and from the train station for free, the train tickets are cheap, and the train has free WIFI so you won't get too bored. I'm trying to get more videos into my posts, so I attempted to interview some of my friends. Unfortunately though, I was only able to get an interview with my friend from Wentworth (my battery died in Boston so I couldn't interview anyone else!).


I didn't plan for this to happen, but my trip to Boston and College Fest happened to be in the same weekend. I wasn't even planning on going to College Fest, but since I was in Boston 5 mins away from where it was held, my friends and I decided to go anyways. I'm glad I did end up going because I got a lot of free stuff and saw some great performances. College Fest is a back to school party, or so it's advertised that way, but it's basically a million booths with different companies giving out free stuff.  Booths like MuscleMilk and the different armed services booths made you do push ups to get T-Shirts and bottles, and places like Monster Energy and RockStar Energy gave out free cans of energy drinks and trucker hats. Tickets were $10 at the door, but lucky enough for us, we were approached by some Ford Fiesta representatives, and they gave us free tickets just to test drive the car! So we saved $60 just to take Ford's newest car out for a 4 minute drive!

All in all the weekend was fun, visiting old friends and getting free stuff, what could be better? This weekend I'm expecting to visit a couple friends up at UMass Amherst, so I'll probably do an interview or two over at the other UMass.

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