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One of my biggest peeves, and I suspect others will feel the same way, is being sick. It feels like every year I end up either catching bronchitis, influenza, or a sinus infection. Today, I woke up feeling pain all over and I believe that I have the flu. I went to all my classes today, but when I got back, I took a long nap, only to awaken in more pain. I did drink a lot of orange juice and medicine, so hopefully I'll feel better soon! Not to mention it was raining and damp all day today! Tomorrow I'm probably going to schedule an appointment with health services and hopefully they can tell me exactly what I have.

I'll be sure to post back with a nurse report! Hopefully I'll be cured by the time Halloween and the big UML vs BU game this Friday!

Till next time,

Hey guys!

In my last update, I told you guys that I didn’t have my laptop anymore because it was being sent out and fixed. I had Geek Squad send it out to their service center, but two weeks later I got a phone call saying that they didn’t service laptops that were made from the company that made mine. I was pretty peeved at the fact that it took them 2 weeks to send my laptop out only to then find out that my laptop wasn’t going to be able to be fixed. But the good news was I could pick out any laptop from Best Buy as a replacement, as long as it was the same price as mine was originally. Unfortunately, I was told that I couldn’t go to any Best Buy and pick one out, I had to go all the way back to the one 2 hours away from school. I made the trip all the way back (and I dragged one of my friends along too!) using the commuter rails, and I didn’t get back until midnight (poor friend!). I ended up getting… my first Mac! I’m pretty excited to have gotten a Mac for my laptop and so far, I love it!

I’m still trying to figure out the new video editing software I got on my Mac, but new videos will be coming soon!

In other, more exciting news, I just got back from tonight’s UML home opener hockey game, UML vs. Colgate. Our team ended up taking home the win 5-3! Great job guys! Hopefully tomorrow’s game versus Northeastern will yield similar results.


Hey guys!

Not having much luck since the last update! The day before I went home for Columbus Day Weekend, my laptop hit the bed! I opened it up and started tinkering here and there, but eventually decided to send it away to get fixed since I still had warranty on it. Almost two weeks later and I'm still waiting for it! I'm on my laptop almost all day in class and in the dorms, so I feel lost without it. On top of that, my video editing software is on that laptop as well, so no videos will be posted until it returns, which will hopefully be soon.

Other than my laptop issues, the school year has been going fine so far. This was a small update so I'll probably post up again real soon!

Sweet Suite

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This weekend was a great weekend for me! So far everything has been going better than usual! Friday-Sunday, my friends and I stayed over at our friends' room over at UMass Amherst, which is the second time we visited Amherst. It was weird seeing how the two UMass' were so different, yet had very similar aspects. The dining hall was HUGE, much bigger than any at Lowell, but they pretty much had the same exact food and even silverware/plates! Being unfamiliar with their campus/dorms, the buildings were set up in a very confusing manner, and finding my friends' room was sometimes quite the task. One thing that was unfortunate was the bathrooms. I remember last year when I was living in Bouge as a freshman, I would always have to walk down the hall to get to the bathroom. My friends' room was set up the same way, and everytime I had to use the bathroom, it was quite the walk, then I would have to find my way back as well. The great thing this year is having a suite with bathrooms built in!

Speaking of my suite, I took a short video tour around the room to show you guys a little bit of how things were set up.

At the end of the weekend, my friends and I recapped the events and occurrences and our opinions were split down the middle. Two of my friends were thinking they definitely wanted to transfer and loved the campus, while me and another friend, although we enjoyed our stay and the campus, decided that we liked the smaller and cozier UMass Lowell better.

This year for intramurals, we decided to make a flag football team, and so far we're doing very well. We've had two games so far, Monday night being our second game. Our record is 2-0 and we're hoping to keep up the winning streak! Last night we beat the opposing team 24-0, a complete shut out! Our next game is this Wednesday, hopefully we'll come out with another win!

Thanks for reading, till next time,

College Fest!

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College Fest!!!
So this weekend, me and my friends decided to travel into Boston and visit some of our friends at different colleges. We ended up sleeping over Boston University, Suffolk University, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. I love going to see my friends in Boston since most of the campuses have nice sites and are close to points of interest such as Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, etc. The travel isn't even that bad either, the UML Shuttle services drive you to and from the train station for free, the train tickets are cheap, and the train has free WIFI so you won't get too bored. I'm trying to get more videos into my posts, so I attempted to interview some of my friends. Unfortunately though, I was only able to get an interview with my friend from Wentworth (my battery died in Boston so I couldn't interview anyone else!).


I didn't plan for this to happen, but my trip to Boston and College Fest happened to be in the same weekend. I wasn't even planning on going to College Fest, but since I was in Boston 5 mins away from where it was held, my friends and I decided to go anyways. I'm glad I did end up going because I got a lot of free stuff and saw some great performances. College Fest is a back to school party, or so it's advertised that way, but it's basically a million booths with different companies giving out free stuff.  Booths like MuscleMilk and the different armed services booths made you do push ups to get T-Shirts and bottles, and places like Monster Energy and RockStar Energy gave out free cans of energy drinks and trucker hats. Tickets were $10 at the door, but lucky enough for us, we were approached by some Ford Fiesta representatives, and they gave us free tickets just to test drive the car! So we saved $60 just to take Ford's newest car out for a 4 minute drive!

All in all the weekend was fun, visiting old friends and getting free stuff, what could be better? This weekend I'm expecting to visit a couple friends up at UMass Amherst, so I'll probably do an interview or two over at the other UMass.

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