Big Update!!!

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A lot has been going on and will be happening soon; Iíll try my best to organize them all in this blog, but donít expect any nice transitions! Iíll just give one big swoop of whatís going on lately, and just jump from topic to topic.

My trip to Mississippi is only THREE days away!!! Iím pretty excited and cannot wait to go! What Iím not excited about is the fact that I have to get up WICKED early Saturday and Sunday morning. I have yet to packÖ so I should probably start that soon! When it comes to packing, I am the biggest procrastinator I know. The day I had to move out of my dorm was the day I STARTED packing to go back home! But besides all the packing and getting up early (I have to be ready to go by 5AM!) Iím still very excited.

Iíve already worked 4 shifts at Best Buy, and I do enjoy it A LOT more than I do Hollister. Since the job is more technology related, it appeals to my interests; compared to folding clothes for hours at Hollister! A good thing though, is Iíve been given hours that allow me to work both jobs, so I might be able to retain both, and make more money. The first couple of shifts I just stood around watching the other workers fixing computers, and only my third shift did they let me begin to work on computers. Something Iíve noticed, but kind of knew all along, is that most of the older generation really isnít that tech savvy. Some of the calls we get asking for basic troubleshooting just make me laugh, and one woman even lugged in her whole computer asking for a tutorial to turn the computer on! To a techno-freak myself, itís just puzzling and hilarious how technology illiterate some people are, but I guess the technology age is just more appealing to the newer generations. The reason I have to get up early on Saturday is for a GeekSquad meeting on Saturday at 7AM, UGH!

In technology related news, I wonít go too in-depth with this, but Windows 7 is on the fast track to release! If you pay attention to Windows news, a new operating system is soon to be released by Microsoft sometime in late 2010 called Windows 7. Windows Vista replaced Windows XP, but since there has been a lot of negative feedback on Vista, Microsoft has decided to release a new operating system. If you look around the Microsoft site, you can get your hands on a free copy of Windows 7 and a free product key as well, which I jumped on the opportunity, seeing as how it will probably retail for hundreds of dollars when it releases! Iíve had the chance to test out the new release for a couple days already, and so far I must say I like it better than Vista. Much faster and less annoying without all the security warnings Vista usually gave me. I personally think that itís worth the upgrade once it releases.



Another piece of software that Iím lucky enough to be a BETA tester for is the new Microsoft Office 2010. The current version out on the market is Office 2007, and my personal opinion is that the 2010 version is too similar to the 2007 version. Not worth paying hundreds to upgrade when it releases, but that just my opinion.



In new news, Iím currently in a competition to create T-Shirts for a nutrition company called Nimbus Nutrition. Itís a fairly new company that makes several different workout supplements and is looking for a good T-Shirt design that they can sell. If I win I will get a couple of my T-Shirts designed printed and sent to me for free as well as a couple of their products for free! This is a gallery of the T-Shirts Iíve designed for them so far

Hopefully I win!

My family came back from their 4th of July trip, with many pictures, and I am jealous! It seems like they had a lot of fun at Acadia, and I wish I could have gone! But now I guess I should start packing for my own trip, so till next time, thanks for reading!


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