Job Update and Summer Reunion!

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In a previous post, I had mentioned that I was pursuing a job at Best Buy as a Geek Squad Agent. I had gone through several interviews, first the online personality test, then in-person with the store manager, and finally with the General Manager (GM). I passed the final interview process with the GM, and was told that all I had to do was take a urine drug test within 48 hours. Fine by me, I get it done and await the results. Several days go by, and I hear no word from Best Buy, confused I attempt to call them up, but letís just say their on-phone customer support skills are lacking. Several attempts always ended up the same; I would wait 10 minutes for someone to pick-up the phone, another 5 minutes waiting for a manager to pick up, then being told that no manager was present to take the call. More than a week has passed, and still no word from them, I begin to lose hope in the job, and was stumped as to what the urine test could have possibly found. I totally gave up and figured that they must have reconsidered due to the fact that I would soon be returning to college and would be unavailable to work. Much to my surprise, I got a phone call last night asking for me to come in for the job orientation Saturday morning at 8:00AM. I was pretty upset at their lack of communication and how long it took them to respond, but letís face it; I need the money, so Iíll take the job! Iím still skeptical as to how this job will turn out, mainly due to the fact that they had poor communication skills, but weíll see how it goes and Iíll decide whether or not the job is worth it. With the economy the way it is, and with the extreme difficulty of finding employment while a full-time student, I pretty much have to take any job that comes to me. A good thing about the job is they will give me a starting pay thatís higher than what I currently make at my job that Iíve had for 2 years. So more likely than not, I will probably be keeping this job.

Something that I am looking forward to though, is next weekend. I come from the Southern part of Massachusetts and Iíve noticed that the majority of my classmates who attend UML are from the Northern parts of MA. With 1.5-2 hour drive separation, itís hard to meet up with my college friends, and communication is limited to means such as texting and Facebook. Fortunately for me though, after all the fun at Six Flags that my friends and I had, theyíve decided to take me to a water park! Six Flags with my friends was the first that Iíve ever been on a rollercoaster, and they thought that bringing me to a water park for my first time would be equally amusing. So next weekend I will be taking the train up to my friendís house and will be staying the weekend! Iím pretty excited since this will be the first time that I get to hang out with my college friends since summer started!

Plans for my trip to Mississippi with other students from my parish are moving along and Iíll update you guys as July approaches. I also have a surprise for you guys so keep checking back and Iíll write about it in a blog to come! Thatís all for now,


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Congratulations! Good to see that there are people getting jobs in this economy. How are the employee discounts?

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