Six Flags Trip!

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Hey guys! Finals are almost over, and I have only one left Wednesday morning, so I have a bit of time to study before my last one. So far all of my finals have gone fairly well, and my grades have been posted up on ISIS (the online system that we use to register for/find out grades for classes and such), and it seems like all my studying has paid off. A good way to relieve stress and kill time until my final on Wednesday was our Six Flags trip today!

 Iíve mentioned in a previous blog that my friends and I won, and a handful of other UML freshman, won a trip to six flags for free. Today we left campus at 8:00AM, and arrived at Six Flags at 10:00AM. It was kind of a down sight when we left, rain and damp weather made the day seem to be a flop, but it turned out that we didnít experience a single drop of rain at the park. Weather was nice, and earlier on, there were no lines to any of the rides. My friends were shocked to find out that I had never gone on a rollercoaster before, so this was an extra special trip for us. At first, I held onto dear life ever ride, but as I rode them more, the more fun I had and the less scared I got. By the end, I didnít want to leave, and kept returning to every ride again and again. One bummer of the trip was the closing of Superman.  I was excited for my first time going on Superman, but it was closed until May 22nd. Overall though, everything was extremely fun, and a fellow classmate that accompanied us ended up winning a Wii!

Hopefully my final on Wednesday will go well, till next time,


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fletcher said:

Six flags states that they are not cutting corners, wow! I went to Six Flags over Georgia for Pearl Day, as well as, visiting the theme park several times a year. This Pearl Day, by far, was the WORST time I ever had. I have seen the park deminish over the years, and I will not ever go back!!! Never!!! I plan on telling everyone I know not to support six flags ever again. How can you charge me regular admission and then not open over 3/4 OF THE BUSINESSES??? Literally, they only opened 3 roller coasters, and one of those was for baby's. I walked around in circles and left so mad I could not hardly breath. I guess we are gay and dont deserve our day. That is cool with me, I will take my $120 back to disney where I will get my moneys worth.

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