Signing Up For Classes

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  It's 4:15AM, and I just finished signing up for classes!

The 23rd-25th here at UML is Spring Carnival! I've heard from upper classmen that spring carnival is held every year and is supposed to be one of the best events all year. Friday is a University Day, meaning there are no classes! These three days of Spring Carnival is supposedly jam-packed with fun and entertainment, and so far, its been pretty good. Thursday there was a outdoor BBQ, open mic night, comedian, and other random things going on around campus to stir up some fun.

I had already went onto the UML website and found the course catalog for next year, so all my classes have been picked out. When I went to orientation, me and my friends (we're all currently undeclared business majors) were handed a schedule, and weren't able to pick our classes. After talking to several other classmates, it turns out that other students enrolled in different majors picked their schedules. The first time I was actually able to pick my own schedule was during first semester for the current semester. It is a strenuous and difficult task; finding the right classes at the right times and with professors that had good ratings at RateMyProfessors. The first time I tried signing up, a rush of students already beat me to some classes, and unfortunately, some of the classes I selected were all full. This made it even more stressful and confusing, as I had to change my schedule on the fly as fast as I could. Fortunately this time, my friend woke me up and told me that ISIS (the system we use to sign up for classes) opened, and I was able to sign up for all the classes I picked out. I haven't officially transferred into Computer Science yet, but my classes are definitely geared towards the sciences. The reason why I haven't made the switch yet is due to me juggling career options in my head, after all, this will affect the rest of my life. It seems very likely that I will switch soon, but who knows what curve balls might be thrown in my future.

It's getting late so I best be off, till next time,


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seslichat said:

Thanks. Nice post.

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