I Beat The System!

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So last night was reslife's little extravaganza where they explained different aspects of housing, the different buildings, and explained steps that current students had to take in order to complete the housing sign-up process. Alongside the informational part of the event were many entertainment stations such as street sign making, frisbee painting, foam dance station, and moonbounce/sumo rink.

Rumored weeks before was UML buying hotel rooms that students could live in, but this time not in Nashua. This year, to accomadate the massive enrollment number, the schoold had to buy out some rooms at a hotel called the Radisson, a hotel some miles away that students would live at and take a bus back and forth to campus. At the Beat The System event, we found out about The Double Tree, a hotel in downtown Lowell that is suppossed to be very nice and not too far from campus. They didn't have actual pictures of the rooms, but they sketched out drawings that made the place seem very nice. At the event, students got forms where they could actually request a whole floor to themselves and their friends.

The main event of Beat The System was the raffle. Every half hour they would pick a ticket and the person who had the corresponding ticket would win their pick of any room on campus. There were 12 winners so ever half hour they picked 2 winners, starting out with the 12th moving up to the 1st. the person who won first would get the 12th pick of where they wanted to room, and the person who got picked at the very end of the whole event would get the very first pick. I actually ended up winning! Out of all the students that attended (most of the freshman who live on campus attended) I won 8th pick! Right now, I'm aiming to pick a 6th person Suite in Donahue and then pull my friends in to live with me. People who have suites have the ability to "pull-in" whomever they want to live in the suites with them. A good thing about this is there's also something called room retention. Room retention is when a student that lives in a suite reclaims the spot for the following year. This means that the suite i win from this raffle will belong to me and my friends untill we graduate!

Being a freshman, I feel like I've done so much with this school already, and winning this raffle just adds another notch on the experience belt. I'm so glad that I won the raffle and congrats to everyone else who also won!

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Elaine said:

Congrats, Hai! The suite sounds awesome.

Anonymous said:


Eric said:

Congratulations! What a unique idea to give out living assignments. I love using raffles for occasions like this.

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