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So Many Closings!

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In a previous post, I had mentioned Ruckus, a service that allowed UML students to download an unlimited number of songs for free. It was a great service, even though you had to use their proprietary software to play the songs and couldnít transfer it to itunes or iPod. But many students were dissapointed to login into either the player or website and find that the Ruckus service had unexpectedly been shut down.  No prior notice was given from the company, making the news a shock to both students and IT administrators in schools across the nation.  All the music already downloaded will soon be unplayable,  which makes all the files I downloaded useless and a waste of space. Many students are upset about not being first warned about the sudden shut down, and are now resorting to illegal methods such as P2P and torrents to suit their music needs. Iíve read around, and it seems like Ruckus shut down because they just werenít making enough money to support their service.

On a side note, since Circuit City (and many other business) are going out of business, I was able to make several nice purchases for a very good price. One thing that I was able to buy was a nice digital camcorder, so hopefully Iíll be able to take some good videos and post them up!

Thatís all I have to say for now, till next time,


New Semester!

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Spring semester has already started, and my classes have been great so far. Although I am still an undeclared business major, I am taking classes more focused on the science area. I decided that I would see how I feel about a science focused schedule before completely switching to engineering. Some of my friends already know what profession they want to pursue, but, at the moment, I am not 100% sure what career field I want to go into. Itís a good thing its still early in my college career, but hopefully Iíll be able to decide soon.  I was somewhat worried about still being unsured and undeclared, but some of my older friends have told me that itís ok to still be undecided for the first couple years and that everythign will work out.

So far, I like my classes and my schedule. Some of my classes are kind of boring, but still endurable.  I would have to say that my favorite class at the moment is College Writing II, but thatís only because of the teacher. My professor, Carl Mason, has a very good sense of humor, which makes it very easy for students to open up in class. He also doesnít make students buy books for the class; instead, he makes photocopies of the reading required. He thinks that the bookstore robs the students with their buy back system, which is a common thought amongst my fellow classmates.

Speaking of books, I recommend Amazon.com or any similar website. The bookstore does have everything you need, but they will buy your books back very cheap. I know a friend of mine that told me today he had bought 12 books for around $450, and when he sold them back, he only got $90 back. Even from personal experience, I bought a book 1st semester for $200, brand new in the shrink wrap. Since all of my friends were in that class with me, I never even opened the book, but rather used their books for homework and classwork. When I sold it back to the bookstore at the end of the semester, it was still in the shrink wrap and never opened, but I only got $50 back for it. This semester itís still on sale for $200, and someone probably bought the one I sold back for $140 more than I got for it. I was able to buy my books this semester for hundreds less than I would have if I bought it through the bookstore, and if I treat them well, I can probably sell them via amazon for around the same price I originally bought them for.

Well thatís all I have to say for today! Till next time,


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