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Hey guys! Only about a week left until I can move back in, and I can't wait!

I often go to the gym and put my iPod on shuffle, but it's kind of annoying when the song that plays is a slow-depressing song and I have to change the song until I hear one that I can actually workout to. I went through my itunes library, and quickly made my own playlist that I thought I'd share with you guys! It's a mix of both rock and rap so there should it's sort of well-rounded, here are the songs:

places for my head - linkin park
one step closer - linkin park
what ive done - linkin park
bleet it out - linkin park
kryptonite - 3 doors down
I'm supposed to die tonight - 50 cent
The View From the Afternoon- arctic monkeys
Over Here Hustlin' - Birdman & Lil Wayne
The Rock Show - Blink 182
Till I collapse - Eminem
Feel Good Inc. - Gorilaz
You So Tough - G-Unit
Get Up - 50 Cent
Roc Boys (And The Winner Is) - Jay-Z
Points of Authority/99 Problems/ One Step Closer - Jay-Z/Linkin Park mix
Numb/Encore - Jay-z/Linkin park mix
Stronger - Kanye West
The New Workout Plan - Kanye West
forgotten - linkin park
somewhere i belong - linkin park
lying from you - linkin park
The View - Modest Mouse
This is the slam - toby mac
Here it Goes Again - Ok Go
Hey Ya! - Outkast
Seven nation army - white stripes
I'm Illy - T.I.
Headstrong - Trapt
Say Yeah - Wiz Khalifa

Students who attend UML are lucky enough to have access to Ruckus. Ruckus is a music downloading service that UML has a subscription to, allowing all students to download limitlessly from Ruckus' large database. The downloads are fast, 100% legal, free to the students, and a service not all schools offer. You don't even have to be on campus to download; I was downloading some songs at home via that Ruckus service, and my sister, who attends Bates, was surprised that UML offered this to their students.

On a related topic, my New Year's resolution is giving up soda!

Well that's all for now, I hope my workout playlist helps those looking for some good music for the gym!

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contour abs said:

Nice thats a good play list! Im gonna copy it haha

videoklipler said:

time to pump up have a nice day

core workout said:

However, like with most online products, when it comes to making a choice, the sheer quantity of different manufacturers, models and prices, can make it very difficult to decide which core workout are the best value for money.

Good to have a playlist, can't go wrong with Kanye West!

Good to have a playlist, can't go wrong with Kanye West!

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